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Is this guy making a living more from forex or his 'signals' subscribers program?

Hello, some of you may have seen a show recently aired in the UK (probably on more4 still, called 'rich kids go shopping') about a trader called Elijah Oyefeso here is his https://twitter.com/itsoezz but I'm a bit sceptical on if he actually makes $30k a month from trading or from people signing up for his 'signals'. I say this because when I look at his twitter pics it seems to be images of binary options which are from my small understanding is more gambling than market analysis. So I wonder if he has become wealthy from trading or from people signing up to his signals program. I believe its simply just a watsapp group and he sends out a message when to buy.
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How Binary Options Trading Scams Work Part 1 The Return of Elijah Oyefeso Jailed For 2.5 Years! Elijah Oyefeso/DCT Binary Signal ... Nigerian Con Man Elijah Oyefeso - Out of Prison and Back to scamming. Elijah Oyefeso - Millionaire Forex Trader From London Binary Bandits #DCT SCAM Hitler Gets Screwed Over by DCT/Elijah Oyefeso's Binary Signals Scam Trader Elijah Oyefeso (meets and greets members of the trading team.) A Day with: MILLIONAIRE TRADER Elijah Oyefeso DCT Trading/Elijah Oyefeso Maliciously Wiped Client Accounts

Wer ist Elijah Oyefeso und was ist der Deal What8217s Der Deal mit dem Elijah Oyefeso Scam I8217ll ehrlich, es dauerte ein paar Minuten, um ... Elijah Oyefeso Binary Options November 18, 2017 STAY AWAY FROM ELIJAH OYEFESO AND INTERACTIVE OPTIONS. (I missed out many details which would have made the script too long). Elijah said on the program from Channel 4 that people are jealous of him but that's not true, people hate him because he's a scam, a fraud and deceitful. I have nothing against him, I lost money due to my own ignorance. For all of you who don’t know what binary options are well, let’s just say 100% of them are scams and you should be smart enough to stay away from them. They are run from very shady parts of the world (Israel & Cyprus) where once you deposit your money it is very easy for them to take it and you to never see it again. However, if you are a marketer like Elijah Oyefeso is then all you need ... Elijah Oyefeso was even seen on Channel 4 program called “Rich kids go shopping”, where his shows off his cars, house and shares his stories from life where he doesn’t need to look at the price tags. We decided that we need to investigate his work and assess if DCT trading and founder Elijah Oyefeso are scam or not. In January the story of 21-year old Elijah Oyefeso circulated throughout the UK media, where he stated that he gets his income from trading on the stock market. An article by the Daily Mail states that he went on to fund a trading consultancy, which he uses to help beginner traders make money. As it turns out, this is yet another binary options affiliate website – DCT Trading Group https ... Elijah Oyefeso *** SCAM WARNING *** ... Incase there is any doubt - Binary options are not a get rich quick scheme. 0 · Share on Facebook. RussBird82 Posts: 4 August 2016 edited August 2016. Seriously wtf is wrong with journalism in this county? Have they never heard of due diligence? Boils my piss. There is a glimmer of hope in that he's posted questions posed to him by a reporter on his ... On Sunday, July 12, 2015, a 21-year old by the name of Elijah Oyefeso had the kind of morning most would consider to be catastrophic. You’d think that if you were the owner of a Bentley Continental, little could be worse than crashing the thing. But you’d be wrong, as Oyefeso proved on that fateful morning. Not only did he crash his blue Bentley, but he managed to crash it into his own ... Oyefeso also introduced his young audience to Banc de Binary, a company he describes as “fully good”, even after it ceased trading amid fraud allegations. Banc de Binary was founded in 2009 in ... Elijah Oyefeso is a 20 something year old trader who dropped out of college and turned his tuition into billions. Supposedly he used student loan money to trade binary options and only has to trade 1 hour per day. He spends a lot of time talking about how he just had to do it, to decide to be a winner, to make his trading work but not much time talking about the strategy he uses, the assets he ...

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How Binary Options Trading Scams Work Part 1

Like many other people out there, even Hitler got screwed over by the DCT/Elijah Oyefeso Binary Signals Scam. Find out how the scam works at www.DCTtrading.com. Trader Elijah Oyefeso (meets and greets members of the trading team.) - Duration: 10:59. DCT Trading 54,859 views. 10:59. Best Binary Options Strategy 2019 - 2 Min Strategy Live Session ... Elijah Oyefeso is a young ambitous trader from London. Founder of DCT Trading group and mentor to many. You can join Elijah's team and sign up to follow his trades at: www.dcttradinggroup.com. THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREX MILLIONAIRE TRADER ELIJAH OYEFESO Visit www.toallmyblackgirls.com for natural hair extensions Use my Ubereats code: eats-bf96x https://... Elijah Oyefeso/DCT Binary Signal Trading Scam Exposed - Duration: 17:48. DCTtradingExposed 29,936 views. 17:48. Under 2.5 Goals Strategy (How To Make An Income Trading Football on the Betfair ... Update: Fraudtser Elijah Oyefeso's has been released from prison and back to his old trading scam - (was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for driving and wea... DCT Trading/Elijah Oyefeso maliciously wiped client accounts on 10th May 2016. Ordinary, hard working people invested and trusted in these cowboys. Admitting fault and with a commitment to ... Elijah Oyefeso/DCT Binary Signal Trading Scam Exposed - Duration: 17:48. DCTtradingExposed 29,544 views. 17:48. A TyPiCaL Morning Routine of a Forex Trader - Duration: 12:49. ... Elijah Oyefeso/DCT Binary Signal Trading Scam Exposed - Duration: 17:48. ... How hard is it to trade options - Duration: 14:59. Trading Fraternity 14,116 views. 14:59. A Jihadist Overcome by the ... This means that traders around the globe can engage with the financial markets, be it binary/digital options or trading FX and other asset classes, without human intervention. Trustless, provably ...