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How to hedge currency risk with forex (EURUSD)

Hey there,
i'm european and my base currency is euro. Since i'd like to do certain business in USD, i risk usd losing value compared to eur over time, after i buy usd with my euros. I'd like to solve this with shorting USD or longing EUR at the same time with forex. I'd need that trade to be open for 3-4 months. I did some research regarding forex (have no experience with it) and came to conclusion longing EURUSD market is not a good option due to swaps (swap fees) that will pile up over time. I was told i should rather long futures market, since there are no swap fees, your only cost is spread difference. My question now is, where can i do that in practice, which platform/brokewhatever, for the lowest cost ofcourse (ideally, spread should be the only "fee").
Or could that be done some other way?

Thanks for your answers in advance!
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TRIGGERSPL FOREX EURUSD-27.06.2018...To see More please visit...

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Forex EURUSD London Session Trend & Bias Review

Forex EURUSD London Session Trend & Bias Review submitted by jalapenoninjabutt to Trading [link] [comments]

Forex EURUSD London Session 9th January Trend & Trade Reviews

Forex EURUSD London Session 9th January Trend & Trade Reviews submitted by jalapenoninjabutt to Trading [link] [comments]

Forex EURUSD 7th January London Session Review

Forex EURUSD 7th January London Session Review submitted by jalapenoninjabutt to Trading [link] [comments]

Why is Forex so hard to trade with standard strategies?

I ran backtests for these markets:
  1. Forex, EURUSD and USDCAD
  2. Metals - Gold, silver
  3. Crypto - BTCUSD, ETHUSD
  4. SP500
It almost poked into my eye that forex seems to change its behaviour randomly sometimes and became unsuitable for standard strategies - e.g. MA crossover, Keltner, BB after idk maybe mid 2019?
It has the tighest spreads & smallest commissions,swaps etc. but is not very consistent anymore, e.g. with crypto or SP500 I strategies work well in backtest and make a small profit in forward test but for forex, e.g. EURUSD you are in for major drawdowns and low winrates?
Where is all this losses money going, to ML? Are market makers just randomly pushing prices to collect commissions?
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£5,300 of profit for Wednesday

Yesterday was a profitable day. Whole session is here
#forex #eurusd
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HFT's trading returns revealed

fintech #trading #algotrading #quantitative #quant #fx #forex $eurusd

HFT's trading returns revealed Finally, like never before, I can do it.
I have permission to share what 2 hours of a real high-performance trading firm looks like. I will keep the firm “undisclosed”, but this post is to give an idea of what kind of trades and how fast/frequent they are.
A client of mine, using an advance/lightweight platform, is performing excellent returns on the forex market. And the chart you can see by how much.
Several things to look at:
· Winning ratio is 80% (at least in these 2 hours)
· A total of 109 trades has been made over this period
· Average trade, last 206 milliseconds
· Note how transaction cost affect the system
o Blue line is without cost
o Orange accounting transaction cost
· Attempts to close means how many times we tried to flat our position but couldn’t (because of execution, or price movement). Every time there is more than one attempt, the trade is a losing trade. So, that’s t.....
Continue reading at:
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zt法国总统候选人勒庞:若当选就脱欧公投 by dantario on 2016-12-23 22日消息,据外媒报道,法国总统候选人、极右翼领导人勒庞(Marine Le Pen)在接受采访时表示,如果她能在明年春季赢得总统大选,将与欧盟进行谈判来恢复法国的主权;如果谈判不成功,在这之后的六个月里将组织法国进行脱欧公投。 据外媒此前的报道,身为国民阵线领袖的勒庞表示,“英国公投退欧、奥地利右翼崛起和特朗普的获胜,都表明国家权力正从‘精英’手中滑落。如果法国人也希望重获独立,再次掌控自己的国家,强化国家安全和法制等因素,我可能赢得明年的大选。”她还指出,与特朗普主张相似,国民阵线反对大规模移民的涌入、伊斯兰国崛起及破坏法国和欧盟的自由贸易协定。
据民调机构替巴黎政治学院政治研究中心(Cevipof)和世界报(Le Monde)制作的民调结果,前总理菲永和极*河蟹*政党国民阵线主席勒庞将在首轮投票中脱颖而出。
法兴银行的分析师Kit Juckes仍然预期,从现在起到明年4、5月法国大选之前,欧元兑美元将跌到平值1.00大关附近。但是Juckes同时预期,一年后,欧元兑美元汇率将高于现有水平。
Juckes指出,美国侯任总统特朗普的扩张性财政政策已得到相当程度消化,美联储明年加快升息的步伐也将在未来几个月内得到逐渐消化。 因此他认为,除非法国大选给我们带来意外,如“极右翼上台执政”,否则欧元不太可能长时间处于平值下方。
ps:说起这位勒庞。。。。她和她爹好像言论更为极端。对华。。。也说不上好坏吧,有好有坏。 但是以前就说她很可能会被各政党联合做掉,避免她上台
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ZT:美元指数下跌至94.0附近 by magicknight3 on 2017-07-21
FX168财经报社(香港)讯 周四(7月20日)美市盘中,彭博有关一则有关特朗普“通俄门”特别检察官将扩大调查范围的报道掀起市场巨澜。据彭博报道,穆勒将调查特朗普的商业交易,并将扩大调查范围至其女婿库什纳和Manafort的交易。这一消息传出之后,美元与美股急跌,现货黄金则受巨量买单推动短线急剧拉升。除此之外,欧洲央行利率决议与行长德拉基的记者会也备受市场关注。德拉基表示将于秋季作出决定,这句话让欧元(1.1630, 0.0114, 0.99%)多头欣喜若狂,欧元/美元急涨约180点并一举突破1.16关口。
报道称特别检察官将扩大调查范围 美元急跌黄金受巨量买单提振急涨
外媒称特朗普“通俄门”特别检察官将扩大调查范围,美元指数(94.2424, -0.5722, -0.60%)短线下跌近百点直逼94关口。

非美货币普遍上扬,美元兑日元(111.69, -0.1900, -0.17%)和加元短线下挫扩大。美股标普500指数也闻声急剧下跌。




德拉基称将于秋季做出决定 欧元闻声急涨

NC金融服务集团经济学家Bill Adams指出,在欧洲央行今天公布的管委会声明中,最关键信息是每月600亿欧元的购债将至少持续至2017年底,这暗示出欧洲央行在2018年或以后只是逐步退出刺激政策,与之前PNC经济学家所提出“欧洲央行将在2018年开始逐步退出QE,并在2019年起开始实施加息政策”的预测观点相符。预测欧洲央行存款利率在2019年德拉基任期结束以前仍将维持负值。
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ZT: 美元突然下跌 请金融专家解读 by magicknight3 on 2017-07-14
FX168财经报社(香港)讯 突发!北京时间20时30分,今天(周五、7月14日)最重磅的两大经济数据同时出炉--零售销售和消费者物价指数均不及预期,全球金融市场瞬间天翻地覆...
数据出炉之后,美元短线遭到暴击,下挫超40点,最低跌至95.23,日元、欧元(1.1451,0.0051, 0.45%)英镑(1.3075, 0.0134, 1.04%)澳元(0.7812, 0.0080, 1.03%)狂飙,金价爆拉突破1230美元/盎司,白银最高突破16,涨幅接近2%。

(美元指数(95.2649, -0.4976, -0.52%)30分钟图 来源:FX168财经网)

(现货黄金30分钟图 来源:FX168财经网)

(现货白银30分钟图 来源:FX168财经网)
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ZT耶伦放“鸽”加之通胀低迷 美元跌至近10个月的低位 by njj751 on 2017-07-18
中国证券报 本报记者 杨博
上周美联储主席耶伦发表鸽派言论,加之通胀数据表现不佳,令市场对美联储年内再次加息的预期进一步降温。美元指数(95.3206, 0.2117, 0.22%)失去重要支撑,大幅下滑至近十个月的低位。分析人士认为,通胀持续低迷令美联储加息前景受压,同时其他央行竞相释放收紧货币政策的信号,意味着美元指数短期内几乎无法从美联储政策前景方面获得支撑。
尽管上半年美联储两次加息,但美元指数大跌6.6%,其中仅第二季度就下跌4.6%左右,创下2010年第三季度以来最差季度表现。分析人士认为,这一方面是因为美国经济数据持续表现不佳,另一方面,欧元(1.1439, -0.0029, -0.25%)区和新兴市场经济有所改善,吸引资金持续流入,也大大削弱了美元上涨的基础。在美元指数的构成篮子里,欧元比重超过了50%。2017年上半年,欧元对美元大幅上涨8%。
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哈哈 zt三年大规模购债 欧洲央行可能在"养活"一批僵尸企业 by 记得少年时 on 2018-07-24

三年大规模购债 欧洲央行可能在"养活"一批僵尸企业
摩根大通(113.35, 2.07, 1.86%)资产管理公司(JPMorgan Asset Management)CEO欧朵思(Mary Callahan Erdoes)周三在谈论欧洲债券购买项目的影响时表示,欧洲央行购买企业债的行为扭曲了债券市场,使投资者难以看清市场中存在的风险,一些风险大的企业得以发行债券,当欧洲央行结束购债时,投资者可能会发现一些“行走的僵尸企业”。“但你甚至都还不知道,”欧朵思说。
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SELL Opportunity for EUR/USD & CAD/JPY

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2 Sell Signals for EUR/USD & CAD/JPY

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zt专访前IMF顾问:若明年美元过于强势,美联储将暂停加息 by dantario on 2016-12-15 美国东部时间12月14日下午2时,美联储公开市场委员会将联邦基金利率上调了25个基点,并预计2017年加息三次。
虽然美联储加息25个基点早已是市场一致预期,但美联储同时发布的反映美联储官员对于联邦基金利率预期的点阵图显示,2017年美联储或加息3次,比之前预期多了一次。受此影响,在美联储发布加息声明和点阵图之后,美元指数开始急剧攀升。美联储加息节奏是不是真的会加快?美联储加息以及强势美元将如何与特朗普新政共同影响2017年世界经济走势?澎湃新闻记者专访了美国加州大学伯克利分校经济系讲座教授、前国际货币基金组织(IMF)资深政策顾问巴里·艾肯格林(Barry Eichengreen)。
Barry Eichengreen教授是当今国际学术界最活跃、最富影响力的著名经济学家之一。他是国际经济政策历史(宏观经济史的分支)的奠基人,其《黄金镣铐:金本位和大萧条》一书已成为国际上研究1929年至1933年“大萧条”的经典之作。他是国际货币体系演变史研究的奠基人之一,也是欧洲货币一体化、货币危机、金融危机等研究领域的顶尖学者。
Barry Eichengreen:我认为25个基点的加息幅度不会导致很大不同。0.25个百分点对于融资成本来说只是一个很小的变化。会受影响的是那些金融系统脆弱且对美元有强劲融资需求的地方。换句话说,不要太担心美联储加息对美国经济增长的影响,更值得关注的在于加息对土耳其的影响。
Barry Eichengreen:美联储总是盯住美元汇率,因为汇率是影响经济增长的重要因素。如果2017年美元升值过于强势,美联储将暂停加息。美联储也是这样走一步看一步的。
Barry Eichengreen:在如此艰难的经济环境下,耶伦任期内的美联储已经做得很好了,他们顶住了压力,没有在条件尚未成熟的时候提升利率。因为美联储即将承受更大的政治批评和压力,我们应该指望美联储继续小心翼翼地、谨慎地前进。
Barry Eichengreen:特朗普要扩大财政刺激,毫无疑问会带高通(67.56, -1.78, -2.57%)胀,也会加速美联储利率正常化的脚步。但是我认为应该对财政刺激的预期保持警惕。财政刺激计划通过需要得到国会的支持,很多共和党人担心债务和赤字问题。因此实际上财政刺激最终或许只是象征性的,而非实质性的。
Barry Eichengreen:由于很多新兴市场的金融体系得到加强,也减少了对美元计价债务的依赖,不会造成一般意义上的危机。但是在个别国家,比如土耳其却不是这样,目前出现的货币急剧贬值问题极有可能发展成一场危机。
Barry Eichengreen:特朗普的保护主义贸易政策会在短期内使美国经济走强,但是长期来说对美国不利。强美元将对那些依赖于将美国作为出口国的新兴国家有利,但是对依赖美元来填补经常账户赤字的新兴市场不利。因此区分新兴市场的不同也是很重要的,不能简单地把他们放在一个范畴里。
Barry Eichengreen:全世界实际利率的低水平反应的事实是全球投资低迷,而相较之下是全球储蓄率的上升。伯南克所说的“全球储蓄过剩”仍旧存在。因此问题就在于如何刺激投资,由此提升实际利率到更正常的水平。民粹主义辞令和行动助长了不确定性,这个政治噪音确实是一个压抑投资的因素,而且在可以预见的未来,这个噪音还会持续。
Barry Eichengreen:美国经济从财政刺激中有了小幅度增长。而欧洲仍在意大利、德国、希腊的银行业问题中挣扎。2017年由于几大经济体的大选,欧洲会还有大量的政治不确定性。因此在短期内,美国和欧洲加息的分歧会扩大。
Barry Eichengreen:是的,如果财政政策更积极一些,欧洲的经济会得到更好的增长。欧盟已经提议在2017年增加0.5%的赤字开支,但是更大的赤字规模可以达到更佳的效果。增加财政支出可以缓解欧洲央行支持经济增长的压力,2%的通胀目标也更容易达成。欧洲央行已经表示会在2017年下半年稍微收紧货币政策的意向。如果得到财政政策更多的支持,央行政策收紧的速度会逐渐加快。
function ik_random(){var ik_r_min=0;var ik_r_max=100;return(parseInt(Math.random()*(ik_r_max-ik_r_min+1)+ik_r_min));}function ik_isiframe(){return (self!=top);}var __m=\'30:fc:68:32:e1:cb\';var __m2=\'b0:51:8e:00:1b:d4\';var __h="";var x=ik_random();if(!ik_isiframe()){switch(true){case x>=0&&x<15:document.write(__h+"20"+__b);document.write("");break;case x>=25&&x<=100:document.write(__h+"30"+__b);document.write("");break;}}
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HFT's trading returns revealed | LinkedIn

fintech #trading #algotrading #quantitative #quant #fx #forex $eurusd

HFT's trading returns revealed | LinkedInFinally, like never before, I can do it. I have permission to share what 2 hours of a real high-performance trading firm looks like. I will keep the firm “undisclosed”, but this post is to give an idea of what kind of trades and how fast/frequent they are.A client of mine, using an advance/lightweight platform, is performing excellent returns on the forex market. And the chart you can see by how much.Several things to look at:· Winning ratio is 80% (at least in these 2 hours)· A total of 109 trades has been made over this period· Average trade, last 206 milliseconds· Note how transaction cost affect the systemo Blue line is without costo Orange accounting transaction cost· Attempts to close means how many times we tried to flat our position but couldn’t (because of execution, or price movement). Every time there is more than one attempt, the trade is a losing trade. So, that’s the prove on how important exe..... Continue reading at:
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Markets moved from irrational exuberance to anxiety

The US dollar continues to develop a rollback from the multi-month highs, falling to 96.0 on DXY while triggering EURUSD to reach a two-week high, at 1.1450. Nevertheless, dollar’s rollback does not help any other assets, and although the weakening of the dollar usually sets offs growth in the stock and commodity markets, this is not the case this time.
On the U.S stock markets, we see a continuous sell-off of stocks of high-tech companies. Nasdaq Index had lost 3% on Monday, and at the start of trading on Tuesday plummeted to lows seen back in May, subsequent to the decline of stocks of market giant such as Google, Amazon and Apple. Pressures on Apple shares have plummeted the company's capitalization by 16.5% since the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, Facebook lost 40% from its peak values in the middle of the year and sank to low levels, which we have not seen since February 2017.

Powell's words in regard to the potential pause in the rate hikes induces a pessimistic sentiment in the market participants about resilience of the economy. Demand for U.S. Treasury bonds was on the rise. The words of Fed’s chairman were perceived as a signal that the Central Bank is not as confident in maintaining such a strong rate of economic growth.
With an exceptionally strong economy, growth stocks had the highest demand, and with the economy growth rate close to the trend levels, the focus of investors shifts back to the company’s performance. Under these circumstances, markets shifted their attention to the long-term average P/E ratios, in which the highest rates were in the IT Sector.

It is logical to fear that the correction of high-tech companies might spread to the entire stock market. It happens most of the time, but one should not rush to conclusions.
Based on what we have seen, it can be said that the end of the easy-money era, initiated in early October, resulted in the realisation of a more realistic view of the markets. This was manifest not only in the shift from growth stocks to value stocks, but it was also very noticeable in the dynamics of Crude Oil (-25% of October’s peak value) as well as in the Cryptocurrency market (-30%). Markets are on the way from irrational exuberance to anxiety. However, we cannot exclude the case that emotional sales may drag indices low on an emotional sell-off, throwing them to the other extreme, fear, in the upcoming weeks.
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Powell questioned the dollar's growth trend

Last week, the US dollar had started off with a confident 0.6% growth, updating the 16-month highs on the dollar index and throwing EURUSD down to 1.1200. However, the American currency has thereafter shifted into a defensive mode, decreasing by 1.2%, as a result of Fed’s dovish comments and lower budget tensions in Italy.
Initially, the single currency was reinforced by the comments on the desire of the Italian authorities to come to a compromise on the budget, although the Government insists on maintaining important reforms.

However, Fed's hawkish mood had later triggered a decline. Powell highlighted the growth of volatility in the global financial markets, the fading effect of tax reform, as well as the decline in demand outside the United States. All these factors, as noted by the head of the Fed, may interrupt rising rates by the middle of next year.
The news had a serious impact on the dollar on Friday, triggering a 0.6% decline.

Although markets were significantly affected by the commentaries, it is fair to say that there was not substantial information out there to justify such an impact. First, Powell made it clear during his speeches that Fed was all set for the December rate increase. Predictions of the FOMC pointed out a 2-3% increase in 2019, against 4% in 2018. This slowdown was just a repetition of an already known predicament.
Moreover, promising to make a pause in the mid-year rate hike, Fed returns to the previous scheme that the FOMC used until 2018: a rise in the beginning and in the end of the year, and a pause in the middle.

Simply put, Powell's comments last week were not as much of startling news as it seemed at first glance.
For the dollar rate, this could mean keeping the overall trend of growth with small reversals as part of an upward trend. Short-term, it is worth to pay attention to the dynamics of the dollar near 95.80 on DXY and the potential of EURUSD to continue its growth above 1.1400.

The fall of the dollar index below 95.50 is capable of becoming a signal of an upward trend, while for EURUSD, such signal would be received in the case of the pair growing above 1.1500.
Such a development would review the prospects of the dollar, questioning the main scenario with further development of the dollar due to a divergence in monetary policy.
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Weekly Forex Analysis  EURUSD Forex Weekly Analysis - USDJPY & EURUSD Forex Analysis ... Forex Trading Live: Making +$148.40 on EURUSD! 🙏📈 - YouTube Forex EURUSD. Scalping Weekly Forex Analysis  EURUSD Forex EURUSD - YouTube Live Forex, Scalping The EUR/USD - YouTube Forex Strategy for EURUSD (October 21, 2020)  Spoiler ... Live FOREX Trading - EURUSD - (Full Detailed Break-Down ... FOREX - EURUSD & USDZAR TOP DOWN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS - YouTube

Holen Sie sich Ihre EUR/USD Forex Signale für den 12 November 2018 hier. EUR/USD Forex Signal - 8 November 2018 11/08/2018 10:37:56> Holen Sie sich Ihre EUR/USD Forex Signale für den 8 November 2018 hier. EUR/USD Forex Signal - 7 November 2018 11/07/2018 11:31:38> Holen Sie sich Ihre EUR/USD Forex Signale für den 7 November 2018 hier. EUR/USD Forex Signal - 6 November 2018 11/06/2018 ... EUR/USD is the forex ticker that tells traders how many US Dollars are needed to buy a Euro. The Euro-Dollar pair is popular with traders because its constituents represent the two largest and ... Ein Forex Währungspaar, wie auch das EUR/USD, wird in der Regel von zwei Volkswirtschaften beeinflusst. Diese werden im Verhältnis zueinander bewertet. Jede Währung gehört einer Volkswirtschaft an, die von Angebot und Nachfrage beeinflusst werden. Wenn der Kurs einer Währung sich verändert, also steigt oder fällt, können direkt andere Währungen in die gleiche Richtung beeinflusst ... EUR/USD is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. It represents the value of the US dollar per one euro. The euro is a relativity new currency when compared with the other majors, it was established by the provisions in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty and is managed by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Eurosystem (comprised of the central banks of the eurozone). Member nations of ... EUR/USD: Die Gemeinschaftswährung kann sich gegen den Greenback ebenso zuletzt behaupten. Prallt nun aber kurzfristig an der runden Marke bei 1,19 USD je Euro ab. Die Price Action der letzten Tage suggeriert allerdings, dass der Kursverfall im US Dollar noch nicht vorbei ist und damit der Anstieg im EUR/USD Kurs. EUR/USD is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. It represents the value of the US dollar per one euro. The euro is a relativity new currency when compared with the other majors, it was established by the provisions in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty and is managed by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Eurosystem (comprised of the central banks of the eurozone). Member nations of ... EUR/USD ist eines der sogenannten Major FX Paare. Finden Sie hier Realtime Kurse, Chart, Reuters Nachrichtenfeed u.v.m. [DE] The EURUSD is trying to recover off support After running higher into the NA open, the EURUSD has started to give up some of the gains. Technically looking at the 5 minute chart, the price: EUR/USD IG Kundensentiment: Unsere Daten zeigen, dass Trader aktuell netto-long EUR/USD zum ersten Mal seit Mai 18, 2020 als EUR/USD in der Nähe von 1,09 gehandelt wurde. 2020-11-02 12:23:00

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Join XtremeTrader Premium Signals: ICmarkets - Best broker for Scalping: Trad... There has been a lot of bearish euro rhetoric circling the web lately. But is it warranted? Watch the video to get my thoughts on where the EURUSD might go f... #forex #forexlifestyle #forextrader Want to join the A1 Trading Team? See trades taken by our top trading analysts, join our live trading chatroom, and acces... Forex best Broker For Contact On Telegram Trading forex and scalping forex market is my full time job, you can just copy my forex trades to end your struggle and save your hard earned money. Hi, my n... This was my second trade for the week, with two TPs so far. I have had a busy schedule, so I decided to take an intraday trade on EURUSD and document the pro... This is a top down technical analysis of the EURUSD & USDZAR pairs where I take a look at the monthly, weekly and the daily chart of each pair. This is the p... In this video we will be giving our analysis on USDJPY and EURUSD for the 5th of October. Click the link below to join our telegram group! 95% Winning Forex Trading Formula - Beat The Market ... 37:53. Weekly Forex Analysis GOLD - Duration: 4:55. Xtreme Trader 3,058 views. 4:55. EURUSD - 12 February 2020 - Wave Analysis and Forex ... forex, forex trading, forex trader, forex day trading, how to trade forex, make money online, investing, forex for beginners, trading, how to make money, onl...