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Golem's FAQ - Latest software update, and how-tos

Golem's FAQ - Latest software update, and how-tos
(Actual, updated) Frequently Asked Questions
Unlike a standard FAQ, this (A)FAQ consists of the most commonly asked questions from our community. For much more elaborate FAQ full of questions, some of which no one actually asked, please consult our docs FAQ.
For our communications archive, head over here.
What is Golem?
Golem is a decentralized computation network, a new way of distributing redundant computing power to those who are in need of it, on-demand. It creates a peer-to-peer network where users join on an equal basis to buy and sell computation, splitting up complicated tasks into smaller subtasks in the network. In Golem there’s no central authority and no user is more or less important than another.
Who is building Golem?
Golem Factory GmbH is responsible for building Golem and all its milestones.
Golem Factory GmbH’s website is:
Is Golem a Foundation?
Golem Factory GmbH is not a Foundation. A GmbH is the Swiss equivalent of an LLC. Golem Factory GmbH has been founded in 2016 and as mentioned above, looks after the build of Golem the project, and its milestones.
The Golem Foundation, founded in 2018, is an independent entity, founded by Golem Factory GmbH’s ex CEO and COO, and they work on different projects than Golem Factory (eg. the recently release Wildlands paper). Their website is:
Golem Foundation and Golem Factory
In 2019, Julian and AndrzeJ started the Golem Foundation, aimed to pursue riskier and more exploratory ways to add value to GNT. This is very public. We did press for the endeavor because we wanted to be transparent. See the Coindesk article that was the main pitch, in case you want external sources. See the Wildland AMA and more recently the Wildland Update and Golem Foundation FAQ are great resources for learning more about Golem Foundation.
Golem Factory does not work on Wildland and vice versa, Golem Foundation does not work on New Golem / The Next Milestone.
Who controls GNT?
GNT (Golem Network Token) has been in the free market since the end of 2016. Neither Golem Factory nor the Golem Foundation control the token.
Another thing is that we don’t do airdrops. So make sure to stay safe and not succumb to scams.
Why should I or a requestor choose Golem?
Golem offers freedom of choice and a voice in the community to specify what your requirements are for computation in the network. In the centralized infrastructure of shared computation, if you’re an individual you might not have the voice to specify the tools you need. Golem offers tools focused on your privacy and the flexibility for all providers and requestors to set the price they’re willing to have tasks completed on Golem Network. By cutting out the middle-man and large corporations taking a fee, this allows Golem to be a prosumer market with the potential to simultaneously be cheaper and more profitable for the requestors and providers, respectively.
How can one integrate with Golem?
If you’re a developer and want to add your code to Golem, the simplest way is to use WebAssembly (WASM). Check out the gWASM section of the documentation to learn more. The good news about WASM is that you can easily compile the code that is written in other languages. So if you have code written in C/C++/RUST, you can compile each to the WebAssembly binary and use it with Golem the same way you’d normally use WebAssembly code. If you don’t want to write anything in those languages or you want to do something more complicated, the Task API allows more versatility and is available on mainnet since the Clay Golem release.
Additional resources that would be of interest include Being a Requestor and Acting as a Provider on Golem Network.
How is computation verified?
There’s no single answer to this question since it can get quite complicated. For the first use-case in Golem, rendering, the requestor renders a small part of the image and compares it with the result they receive from the provider and a machine-learning algorithm gives a verdict. In rendering, there’s a high chance of a small amount of indeterminism and differences in the pixels, which is what makes it complicated.
For other use-cases such as WebAssembly, fortunately, it’s much simpler it’s practically easy to make WebAssembly computation deterministic. There’s also a verify function in the Task API to make this process simpler for requestors, to give them the opportunity to write their own method that is suitable for their use case.
How is data protected and kept private on Golem Network?
For providers, the solution is relatively easy using Sandboxing. You can read about this more in our documentation.
The more interesting part of the question is ‘how are we going to protect the data you send as a requestor?’. In the classical scenario where you’re sending you data to the cloud, you’re not getting any protection. It’s essentially a trusted setup between the requestor and providers, an option which is also possible in Golem using Golem Unlimited.
How does Golem Unlimited fit in the Golem Network ecosystem?
Golem Unlimited allows users to create an internal trusted network of computers with one of them, called the Hub being in charge. The Hub is a requestor and other computers in the company join it as providers. It is meant for data center-like setup (e.g., render farms, or desktops within organization LAN) where network participants trust each other, but it will also support trusted P2P subnetworks (e.g., distributed team machines).
Why is my Golem node not connecting?
If you’re having connection issues, see our Issues and Troubleshooting guide in our documentation or reach out to us in our Discord channel. The most common issues for first time setup are related port-forwarding (mentioned in the onboarding process when you setup your node) or Hyper-V. Keep in mind that, if you’re on Windows Home specifically, Hyper-V is not a feature so you have to install docker toolbox instead.
What is [email protected]?
[email protected] is a scientific modelling project on Golem. The project has been developed in cooperation with the most reputable scientific institutions in the field worldwide. Our relationship with them goes a long way, and our CEO/CTO Piotr Janiuk, was inspired to pursue Golem by such work.
Via [email protected], our providers will be able to run help running the computations needed to simulate chemical reactions.
What is the Task API?
Recently, we introduced the new Task API. The Task API is a python library containing a programming interface and utility functions. Updates created by requestors should be able to answer a short list of RPC calls. You can read more about these calls in our documentation designated to the Task API.
What is gWASM?
gWASM stands for WebAssembly on Golem. It is intended to be a bridge between applications and extensible infrastructure. It gives your applications or services easy access to external and decentralized computational power. This access happens in an elastic manner, meaning that you rent as much infrastructure as you need and when you need it.
What’s the purpose for GNT?
With Golem you can exchange computational power, as a commodity or a service for GNT. These are market transactions. The different parties (users) and transactions are part of a small economy with GNT as the value transferred between participants.
Within the Golem economy, we are free to define the rules and regulations for it. Our goal, however, is for it to be similar to real-life economies: demand, supply and quality affecting prices should always be included. This economy works in an anonymous and distributed network, which adds a layer of complexity to it. Golem is not a stock market, there is no central point to place bids and offers. Everyone must make their deals on a p2p basis and on their best criteria.
What does the future and endgame look like for Golem?
In order to allow for a future where censorship resistance and privacy is available for everyone, we need to build networks to stimulate such freedoms. What we want to build at Golem is the tool that can connect computers borderless-ly across the world, and without the risk of censorship.
What is the ERC20 migration and how will it take place?
This refers to us migrating GNT to be a fully ERC20 compliant token. We’ve been working with ETHWorks on finding the best approach for this task.
How will GNT’s migration to the ERC20 standard benefit users?
Working together with ETHWorks and audit firms, our goal is to make sure that the passage to ERC20 allows the (new)GNT to be able to adapt to various matters: for instance, to be used for layer 2 scaling solutions, or Universal Logins, gassless transactions, among others. Right now, doing gassless transactions with the current GNT is cumbersome, and there are many solutions in the market that would be a great fit if GNT was ERC20.
An added (big) benefit for migrating towards ERC20, is to leverage DeFi tools and protocols, especially DEXes. Providing the first (ERC20) GNT liquidity pools for Uniswap and other similar projects is something that’s definitely in our plans for a long time.
Why didn’t GNT start out as an ERC20 compliant token?
It’s important to keep in mind that relative to the Ethereum space, GNT is quite an old token. When we implemented the GNT contract, the ERC20 standard was in its infancy, and we wanted to limit the exposure to risks stemming from it being at such an early stage. This is why we decided to limit the core GNT implementation to only the necessary ERC20 operations to make it transferable. Migrating GNT to be a fully ERC20 compliant token should open new opportunities to the token users, for example, DeFi (i.e. Decentralized EXchanges and liquidity by Uniswap) and potentially GNT becoming collateral for MCD (Maker’s Multicollateral DAI).
What measures are in place to mitigate against loss of deposit?
We’ve taken very thorough precautions against Golem users losing their deposits. With the recent release of the Concent feature, the Concent deposit a.k.a. GNTDeposit is a smart contract on the Ethereum mainnet which has been properly audited by third-party experts to contain no known vulnerabilities. Similarly to those aforementioned contracts, the balance of GNTDeposit is predominantly still owned by the ethereum address that transferred its tokens into it. The only difference is that the withdraws are time-locked and that there is a privileged entity, the Concent Service, which is able to use those tokens in very specific circumstances, according to the use cases described in the Concent’s documentation and its terms of service.
How is GPU integration coming along with MacOS and Windows?
There’s difficulty with exposing GPU to Docker containers on Windows and MacOS. GPU support is technically possible on both these operating systems, although we would need to tailor some new computation environments for those operating systems and make sure that the behaviour is consistent between them. While we exclusively rely on Docker it’s not possible to use GPU with Golem on Windows and MacOS.
It’s also worth noting that GPU is also not supported in gWASM. Since gWASM uses WASM underneath and that itself currently doesn’t have any notion of multi-threading, which would be required for the computation providers GPU to act as the general processing graphics processing unit (GPGPU). It might be possible to get around that, however, the catch would be that it would kill the determinism which we require in Golem task verification.
How much I can earn with configuration XYZ?
Golem network is a fully decentralized marketplace therefore we cannot give you any estimates. The amount of tokens that can be earned depends on current demand in the network, the number of other providers, etc.
Do you have a bug bounty competition?
Yes, we do, you can find the details here:
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Joe Walsh Will Not Save Us (G-File)

Dear Reader (including the poor Biden staffers who have to white-knuckle their armrests when not sucking down unfiltered Marlboros every time Joe Biden gives an interview),
If you’ve never heard the Milton Friedman shovels and spoons story, you will (and I don’t just mean here). Because everyone on the right tells some version of it at some point. The other Uncle Miltie (i.e., not the epically endowed comedic genius) goes to Asia or Africa or South America and is taken on a tour of some public works project in a developing country. Hundreds of laborers are digging with shovels. Milton asks the official in charge something like, “Why use shovels when earth moving equipment would be so much more efficient?”
The official replies that this is a jobs program and using shovels creates more jobs.
Friedman guffaws and asks, “In that case: Why not use spoons?”
The story might not be true, but the insight is timeless.
Here’s another story: When I was in college, we were debating in intro to philosophy the differences between treating men and women “equally” versus treating them the “same.” At first blush, the two things sound synonymous, but they’re not (indeed the difference illuminates the chasm of difference between classical liberalism and socialism, but that’s a topic for another day). I pointed out that there were some firefighter programs that had different physical requirements for male applicants and female ones (this was before it was particularly controversial—outside discussions of Foucault—to assume there were clear differences between sexes). Female applicants had to complete an obstacle course carrying a 100-pound dummy, but men had to carry a 200-pound dummy, or something like that. A puckish freshperson named Jonah Goldberg said: “I don’t really care if a firefighter is a man, a woman, or a gorilla, I’d just like them to be able to rescue me from a fire.”
A woman sitting in front of me wheeled around and womansplained to me that “you can always just hire two women.”
I shot back something like, “You could also hire 17 midgets, that’s not the point.”
(I apologize for using the word midget, which wasn’t on the proscribed terms list at the time.)
But here’s the thing: Sometimes it is the point. Whether you’re talking about spoons or little people, the case for efficiency is just one case among many. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an important one, but it’s not the only one. Sometimes older children are told to bring their little brothers or sisters along on some trip. They’ll complain, “But they’ll just slow us down!” or, “But they aren’t allowed on the big kid rides.” Parents understand the point, but they are not prioritizing efficiency over love. Or, they’re prioritizing a different efficiency: Not being stuck with a little kid who’s crying all day because he or she was left behind.
One of my favorite scenes in the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer is when the chess tutor Bruce Pandolfini, played by Ben Kingsley, tells the chess prodigy’s parents that they have to forbid their son from playing pickup chess in the park because he learns bad chess habits there. The mom says “Not playing in the park would kill him. He loves it.”
Kingsley replies, accurately, that it “just makes my job harder.”
And the mom says, “Then your job is harder.”
I love that. I love it precisely because it recognizes that good parents recognize that there are trade-offs in life and that the best option isn’t always the most efficient one.
This is one of those places where you can see how wisdom and expertise can diverge from one another.
The Unity of Goodness
Efficiency can mean different things in different contexts. In business, it means profit maximization (or cost reduction, which is often the same thing). In sports, it means winning. Always giving the ball to the best player annoys the other players who want their own shot at glory, but so long as he can be counted on to score, most coaches will err on the side of winning. Starting one-legged players will wildly improve a basketball team’s diversity score, but it’s unlikely to improve the score that matters to coaches—or fans.
I’ve long argued that there’s something in the progressive mind that dislikes this whole line of thinking. They often tend to find the idea of trade-offs to be immoral or offensive. I call it the “unity of goodness” worldview. Once you develop an ear for it, you can hear it everywhere. “I refuse to believe that economic growth has to come at the expense of the environment.” “There’s no downside to putting women in combat.” “I don’t want to live in a society where families have to choose between X and Y,” or “I for one reject the idea that we have to sacrifice security for freedom—or freedom for security.” Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were masters at declaring that all hard choices were “false choices”—as if only mean-spirited people would say you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Saint Greta
Nowhere is this mindset more on display in environmentalism. Everyone hawking the Green New Deal insists that it’s win-win all the way down. It’s Bastiat’s broken window parable on an industrialized scale. Spending trillions to switch to less efficient forms of energy will boost economic growth and create jobs, they insist. I’d have much more respect for these arguments if they simply acknowledged that doing a fraction of what they want will come at considerable cost.
Consider Greta Thunberg, the latest child redeemer of the climate change movement. She hates planes because they spew CO2. That’s why she sailed from Sweden to a conference in New York. As symbolism, it worked, at least for the people who already agree with her. But in economic terms, she might as well have raised the Spoon Banner off the main mast of her multi-million-dollar craft (that may have a minimal carbon footprint now, but required an enormous carbon down-payment to create). The organizers of this stunt had to fly two people to New York to bring the ship back across the Atlantic. And scores of reporters flew across the Atlantic to cover her heroic act of self-denial. Her nautical virtue signaling came at a price.
The organizers insist that they will buy carbon offsets to compensate for the damage done. But that’s just clever accounting. The cost is still real. And that’s not the only cost. It took her fifteen days to get to America. In other words, she actually proved the point of many of her critics. Fossil fuels come with costs all their own—geopolitical, environmental, etc.—but the upside of those downsides is far greater efficiency. If you want to get across the Atlantic in seven hours instead of two weeks, you need fossil fuels. The efficiency of modern technology reduces costs by giving human beings more time to do other stuff.
The Conservative Planners
The unity of goodness mindset has been spreading to the right these days as well. The new conservative critics of the free market see the efficiency of the market as a threat to other good things. And they’re right, as Joseph Schumpeter explained decades ago. For instance, just as earth-moving equipment replaces ditch-diggers in the name of efficiency, robots replace crane operators, and the communities that depended on those jobs often suffer as a result.
I have no quarrel with this observation. My problem is with the way they either sell their program as cost-free, or pretend that the right experts can run things better from Washington. They know which jobs or industries need the state to protect them from the market. They know how to run Facebook or Google to improve the Gross National Virtue Index. Many of the same people who once chuckled at the Spoons story now nod sagely. I don’t mean to say that there’s no room for government to regulate economic affairs. But I am at a loss as to why I should suspend my skepticism for right-wingers when they work from the same assumptions of the left-wingers I’ve been arguing with for decades.
Embracing Trumpism to Own Trump
Instead I want—or I guess need—to talk about another trade-off. I’ve been very reluctant to weigh in on the Joe Walsh project for a bunch of reasons. The biggest is that I am friends with some of the people cheering it on. But I think I have to offer my take.
I don’t get it.
Oh, I certainly understand the desire to see a primary challenger to Trump. I share that desire. And I understand the political calculation behind the effort. It’s like when one little league team brings in some dismayingly brawny and hirsute player from Costa Rica as a ringer. The other teams feel like they have to get their own 22-year-olds with photoshopped birth certificates in order to compete. My friend Bill Kristol is convinced that Trump must be defeated and that Walsh is just the mongoose to take on the Cobra-in-Chief.
I try not to recycle metaphors or analogies too much, but this seems like another example of a Col. Nicholson move. As I’ve written before, Col. Nicholson was the Alec Guinness character in The Bridge Over the River Kwai. The commanding officer of a contingent of mostly British POWs being held by the Japanese, Nicholson at first follows the rules and refuses to cooperate with his captors in their effort to use British captives as slave labor for a bridge project. But then his pride kicks in and he decides he will show the Japanese what real soldiering is like, agreeing to build the bridge as a demonstration of British superiority in civil engineering. [Spoiler alert] It’s only at the end of the film that he realizes that building the bridge may have been a kind of short-sighted moral victory, but in reality he was helping the Japanese kill allied troops because the bridge was going to be used for shipping Japanese troops and ammunition. When this realization finally arrives, he exclaims, “My God, what have I done?”
Walsh’s primary brief against Trump is that Trump is temperamentally unfit for office and a con man. Fair enough. But he has to focus his indictment on Trump’s erratic behavior. Why? Because he’s a terrible spokesman for much of the rest of the case against Trump. I may not call myself “Never Trump” any more, but I was in 2016. And back then, the argument against Trump wasn’t simply that he was erratic. It was also that he wasn’t a conservative, that he happily dabbled in racism and bigotry, and that he was crude, ill-informed, and narcissistically incapable of putting his personal interests and ego aside for the good of the country. I’m sure I’m leaving a few other things out. But you get the point.
Walsh may be sincere in his remorse over all the racist and incendiary things he said in the very recent past. He may regret supporting his anti-Semitic friend Paul Nehlen, though I haven’t found evidence of that. But none of that history should be seen as qualifications for the presidency, the Republican nomination, or support from conservatives.
And yet, it is precisely these things that make him attractive to his conservative supporters. Trump is an entertainer who trolls his enemies with offensive statements for attention, so let’s find someone who does the exact same thing!
Walsh may have been a one-term congressman, but his true vocation was as a shock-jock trolling provocateur. It’s ironic. As I’ve argued countless times, much of Trump’s bigotry in 2016 stemmed less from any core convictions than from a deep belief that the GOP’s base voters were bigoted and he needed to feed them red meat. Trump's reluctance to repudiate David Duke derived primarily from his ridiculous assumption that Duke had a large constituency he didn’t want to offend. He may have believed the Birther stuff, but he peddled it because that’s what his fans wanted. And Joe Walsh was one of those fans.
It may also be true that Walsh never really believed most of the bilge he was peddling and that he was doing the same thing Trump did—feeding the trolls—on a smaller scale. But if that’s the case, then he’s a con man, too.
I don’t want to beat up on Walsh too much because, again, his epiphany may be sincere. There are lots of people who pushed certain arguments too far only to recognize that the payoff was Trump and the transformation of conservatism into a form of right-wing identity politics. There are a lot of Col. Nicholsons out there. And I have too much respect for Bill Kristol to believe that he would lend his support to someone he believed to be as bigoted as the man Walsh seemed to be a few years ago.
But from where I sit, the prize we should keep our eyes on isn’t defeating Trump; it’s keeping conservatism from succumbing to Trumpism after he’s gone. This isn’t easy, and no tactic is guaranteed to be successful. We’ve never been here before. My own approach is to agree with Trump policies when I think they’re right—judges, buying Greenland, etc.—and disagreeing when they’re wrong. My own crutch is to simply tell the truth as I see it, regardless of whether it fits into some larger political agenda or strategy. Truth is always a legitimate defense of any statement.
But for those who see themselves as political players as well as public intellectuals, I think this is a terrible mistake. Intellectually and morally, the case for continued opposition to—or skepticism about, Trump cannot—or rather must not—be reduced to simple Trump hatred. But by rallying around Walsh—instead of, say, Mark Sanford, or Justin Amash, or, heh, General Mattis—that’s what it looks like. Because you can’t say, “I’m standing on principle in my opposition to a bigoted troll and con man as the leader of my party and my country and that’s why I am supporting a less successful bigoted troll and con man for president.” Walsh isn’t a conservative alternative to Trump; he’s an alternative version of Trump. And his candidacy only makes sense if you take the “binary choice” and “Flight 93” logic of 2016 and cast Trump in the role of Hillary.
Let’s imagine the Walsh gambit works beyond anyone’s dreams and Joe Walsh ends up getting the GOP nomination (a fairly ludicrous thought experiment, I know). If so, I have no doubt that my friend Bill Kristol will say, a la Col. Nicholson, “My God, what have I done.”
Various & Sundry
Canine Update: It’s good to be home. The beasts were delighted to see us. Everything is settling back to normal, except for one intriguing development. I think Zoë has finally had enough with Pippa’s tennis ball routine. The other day on the midday walk with the pack, Kirsten managed to film Zoë putting an end to the tennis ball shenanigans. She took the ball and buried it. It was, to use an inapt phrase, a baller move—and she was unapologetic about it. Maybe she just didn’t like all the commotion with the other dogs, because she’s tolerant of the tennis ball stuff again. Or maybe she was being protective of her sister given that many of the other dogs in the pack are known thieves. Regardless, they’re doing well and having fun.
If you haven’t tuned into The Remnant lately, please give it another try. The first episode of the week was with Niall Ferguson and the feedback has been great. The latest episode is with my friend and AEI colleague Adam White on all things constitutional. Word of mouth is really important in building up audiences, so if you can spread the word about The Remnant or this “news”letter, I’d be grateful.
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Welcome to the official subreddit


Hi everyone! Welcome to the official subreddit. Take a look around, ask us a question, and start a discussion about anything and everything related to  
The aim of this subreddit is to provide a safe and thriving discussion space for traders, investors, developers, partners, and just about anyone who’s interested in binary options trading and its underlying technology.  
We’ll be posting news and updates, especially about our upcoming ICO, and we’d love to see you share your thoughts, ideas, and relevant links that you think might interest the community.  

Who is (formerly is the pioneer in online binary options trading. We started out in 2000 to make binary options –– also known as fixed-odds financial trading –– easily available to ordinary investors worldwide. Before we came onto the scene, binary options were typically traded only in large quantities.  
In 2016, we ventured into Forex and CFD trading with the MetaTrader 5 platform. In May 2017, we added cryptocurrencies to the list of tradable assets on our MT5 platform, starting with BTC/USD. This was followed by ETH/USD and LTC/USD a month later.  

What is a binary option?

A binary option is one of the simplest financial instruments around. It has a fixed payout and only two possible outcomes.  
A binary option is commonly known by these unique attributes:

Useful links

P.S. Check out the sidebar for more useful links!
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My Extremely Robust Random Character Personality, Culture, and Backstory Generator

In case I update this in the future past reddit's revision cutoff, consider looking at the WordPress version
I've spoken before about my love for random generators, and this one is a crown jewel. You can use it to different depths as befits your needs, such as rolling a small handful of dice to make an interesting background character or rolling a few more to make the culture of a foreign country. It also serves as a fairly robust system for understanding the inner workings of other people and as a descriptive language it helps you to clearly see more aspects of others, though in that endeavour it's hardly complete. Still, using it as a get-to-know-you tool leaves you with a very good understanding of someone. Much of what follows is not original work, but a compilation of type and trait systems from antiquity and modern psychology. Because of the broken legal system, there's a strong chance that the science is under copyright, but if it gets taken down I'll still have my own copy floating around so feel free to message me for it.

Personality Core

The centralmost traits to a personality. This is generally the minimum of work I put into developing a background character to give them texture since it provides enough information to make someone more distinct than just an occupation or an outfit but only takes a few seconds to generate. After rolling centers, you can choose between either the Temperaments system and the Big 5 as befits your taste. If I'm going deep, I'll generally do both for sheer completeness. In a hurry I tend to roll a the prime center and a temperament.


The relative ranking of your centers, which I often refer to half-jokingly as the Triforce, forms the basis of your perspective as you approach any subject, your values, and your primary negative emotional drive. The primary center forms in childhood and is incredibly hard to change. Roll 1d3 to select one as your primary center, then 1d2 to order the others. Your most divorced center will also have your least active negative drive.
Remember that these are perspectives, not stats. A body- or heart-centered person can still by smart, heart- and mind-centered people can be athletic, etc. There's a tendency to think about heart the wrong way so it's worth mentioning some notable examples of heart center'd characters include Steve Rogers, Eren Jaeger, Link, and Steven Universe. The stereotype is that heart center'd people are mostly women and body focus'd people are mostly men, but that's a narrow view of other people as well as the system.
If you want to take this a step further beyond just a ranking, include the distance between each center. Roll 2d3-1, which will give results from 1-5 with the middle values being more common. My own rank of centers is Mind > Heart > Body with huge gulfs in between, which I'd write as Mind -5- Heart -5- Body. Someone else with the same ordinal rank may have Mind -2- Heart -4- Body, meaning that the 2nd pair is twice as far apart as the first, but still closer together than any of mine.
The core idea of centers came from the Enneagram system and was loosely adapt'd by extrapolation.


Strictly speaking you only need one of the two models between Temperaments and the Big 5, but you can use both to be more thorough. Temperaments can be harder to grasp and manipulate in your mind without learning the whole thing. See footnotes to make the two system agree with one another.
The Temperaments of the 4 Humours is one of the oldest systems of personality. This system is intentionally broad to cover general trends, don't treat them as restrictive charicatures. Pinkie Pie of MLP and Samantha Jones of Sex and the City have the same temperament. It's a common foundation for stories. You can think of it as a 2 separate 2-axis systems lain over one another, relationship/task orientation vs intro/extroversion and emotional response speed vs duration. Select one with 1d4.
Combination types also exist, with pairs of types that share one axis or the other being more common than the ambioriented ambivert. You could roll for this by using 2d5, 1d5 for each axis with each 3 being both and each pole having the high or low remainder.

The Big Five

A somewhat more granular view of personality, and the the currently dominant factor-based model in psychology. Much less to learn, but requires the rolling of many more dice. We recommend you still use the Centers system along with this, but only because it addresses different things. You can get a solid character profile using just the Big Five, and many do. This system models the default method for most of the rest of the features of the exhaustive character generator, giving you a scale with named extremes that you place out of 5, with the element that counts as 5 being in all bold. Remember, just because a score is low doesn't mean it's bad. Roll 5d5 total, 1d5 for each of the following:
Since Extroversion is also an axis of Temperament, if you've already selected a Temperament roll 1d3 instead of 1d5, dropping the scores that don't apply to you.


Goal & Triggers

All characters should have a goal of some kind, and archetypical triggers for core emotional responses. There should be a category of things that set off each of the major emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and fear aka glad, sad, mad, & 'frad. Along with the goal, all of these can be chosen from the prompts in the Table of Values & Motivations. A good example for anger is "don't tell me what to do", and a bad example is "squirrels". Free choice is always an option, or you could roll for it on the Table of Values & Motivations. You can also add character dimension in the true sense by putting that goal in tension to form a character's internal conflict, either with an opposing aspect of itself or by making a second roll to put it against a different desire. f.x Protectiveness vs Justice could be wanting to protect a criminal sibling who keeps doing bad things you don't agree with, or it could be wanting to help the general public from within the very system that's victimizing them but having to do bad things to maintain your position.


While I appreciate systems like D&D's alignment as good for flavour, I don't think it captures enough variety in the way people behave, so I have my own. There are 3 axes of alignment with 2 extremes and 2 kinds of neutral: unaligned & ambivalent, which can also be thought of as "neither" & "both" respectively. Roll 3d3 and then decide which neutral if necessary for the simple route, or 3d6 with a 1-5 scale plus conflicted for a more granular view.
The reason ethics is separate from morality is that it describes how you view morality separately from your own moral standing. If you want something more in-depth than that you can
If you're using this for a game, something to settle before you ever start playing is the view on alignment: is it the sum of your past actions or description of personality? Both are equally changeable through play, but how you solve disputes over alignment will hinge largely on this distinction. The philosophy comes down to Batman vs Picard: "It's not who I am underneath, it's what I do that defines me" vs you are who you are inside, even if you haven't had the chance to show it yet. While we prefer alignment as a description of personality, both option are equally valid. When in doubt, roll to decide.

State and Response

This charts how a character responds to different conditions. You don't need to roll for all 3 axes, nor do you have to deviate for both sides of what you do roll. The simplest method is to choose a temperament, making a up to 3 lots of 2d4. For the Big Five core, you may roll for how many traits are affected and which ones they are, or select what makes sense with what you've already built. You can also use Neuroticism to determine the flux table Flux & Spread in Table Construction will be its own post in the future for how far each state pushes other traits. Since this is a much larger amount of rolling and recording, rolling temperaments is much easier.


From the work of Geert Hofstede, you may use these to generate a cultural outlook at any scale from a full civilization all the way down to the individual, though they were described in terms of the scale of best fit. Still, each person very likely has something to say about each factor, and is likely not to be perfectly in line with every rating. Some elements are changed from Hofstede's original intention, but the results are still interesting, notably the second six. If you're only here to generate culture for a nation, consider jumping over to my Climate & Terrain Generator to build that culture a homeland and surrounding territory, jumping down to the Race section to make a population, or the list of Values & Motivations to roll some things the culture values that aren't dimensions like you'd find here.


Roll 6d5 total, one for each of the following, with the bold trait being the higher number:
Note that the third dimension, Competition vs Cooperation, frequently has a gender divide. While it may by anachronistic in some cases, but we generally assume total gender equality when applying these traits to individuals. If you want this decision to be random, use 3d2: if the scale has a difference between what is expected of the genders, if they converge on one axis or not, and which axis that is if necessary.


Cultural attitudes applying to guilds, businesses, and other hierarchies. Roll 6d5 for each of the following:


Whether the age of a civilization, company, or a person, I use the same basic procedure, which I call a quick table. The simplest way to generate numbers with no materials is to use consecutive fibbonacci or lucas numbers, where the next term is the sum of the previous 2, either starting as 1+1 or 1+3. Choose a consecutive set of them that fits as your set of ranges. Since all numbers that follow that algorithm scale by phi, if you want more or less granularity you need to change the scaling factor to something smaller like 1.5 or 1.3 etc. If you want to bias older, number them going down; if you want to bias younger, number bottom to top; to easily bias to the middle you can alternate numbering from each end, but a more exact method would be to number up to what you want the middle to be and number down on the other side. Those become ranges, which you then write to the side and roll. Here's a table I made using 1.3 as my factor, rounding to the nearest whole number, and setting 30 as my middle.
Age weight range
18 3 1-3
23 4 4-7
30 5 8-12
39 4 13-16
51 3 17-19
67 2 20-21
87 1 22
112 x x
Whatever you roll becomes the bottom of your range, and the next item becomes the top. If you land on 30, you'll roll 1d10 to generate an age from 30-39.

Values & Motivations

Finally a piece of true original work, and perhaps my best contribution to the generator as a whole. The table of values can be used for many many things. Setting life goals for a character, rolling the crux of a life changing event, setting core emotions, defining a character dimension, determining one of the central values for a culture, the theme of the next story arc, etc. A roll of Relationships for anger can be a family member or ex-spouse, betrayal by someone close, or angst over the lack of a love interest, a sister's abusive husband, or some general feature about a kind of relationship that's a sore spot like when people are pressured to choose one's family over oneself and bow to the family's wishes in all matters. Each item could be taken in the affirmative or negative, presence or absence, etc. Roll a cluster of 3d20 or so to characterize events, or just singles and make up the context as relevant.
  1. Protectiveness
  2. Achievement (do it for the challenge)
  3. Recognition (do it for the glory)
  4. Understanding
  5. Truth
  6. Relationships
  7. Sensation
  8. Identity
  9. Utility
  10. Survival
  11. Purity
  12. Possessions
  13. Control
  14. Justice
  15. Authority
  16. Exploration
  17. Meaning
  18. Freedom
  19. Creativity
  20. Responsibility?
  21. Privacy/Autonomy?
  22. Tradition?
  23. Emotion?
  24. Occupation/activity?
  25. Compassion?
You'll notice there are more than 20 items in that list. Choosing a 20th item is hard, since it's difficult to find something that can't be made out of the other elements. Responsibility could be Protectiveness + Relationships. Privacy could be Recognition + Freedom, etc. With the recent insight that you can use an existing character's conflict to generate items for this list, I expect it to grow with time. I may also come back and turn it into a huge table with a set of prompt words for affirmative and negative to make it easier for people to broaden their thinking about each item.
If you want to use this as a get-to-know-you tool or to really richly develop a character in complete depth, give a specific position on each item in the list.

Odds and ends

Oh, did you think we were done? You can stop here if you want, I have several little odds and ends that serve as good descriptive languages yet.

Elements of Intelligence

More original work, this time recycled from a previous post. Use the following to generate mental things such as strongest/weakest traits or what would go wrong if you went insane. For example, a Pattern Recognition failure might be seeing patterns everywhere, or it might be not seeing the causal link between two things.


I like fantasy, and what's more I like original fantasy elements. Race isn't personalit, but it's convenient to have it here for when I'm generating characters. Here's a set of tables for generating a race from scratch.
Trait Weight Range
Bird 2 1-2
Fish 1 3
Ungulate 3 4-6
Furry predator 3 7-9
Other mammal 2 10-11
Reptile 2 12-13
Amphibian 1 14
Insect 1 15
Elemental 1 16
Relation Weight Range
Ancestry. A descendant distant enough to be its own thing 4 1-4
Grafting. Bits from the thing have been removed from the source and attach'd to create a chimera or biological cyborg 2 5-6
Similarity. Like the thing, but not. Rather like the relationship between sharks & dolphins or snakes & eels. 3 7-9
Construct. Built by, for, in the image of, or to resemble the thing. Like grafting, but less messy. 1 10
Affiliation. Not actually related, but acquired traits via close association. The traits just sorta rub'd off on them. 2 11-12
Degree of separation from humanoid Weight Range
Leaning ex: D&D Sorcerers 4 1-4
Properties ex: Planetouched 4 5-8
Kemonomimi ex: Prof Kokonoe 3 9-11
Furson ex: Tieflings 2 12-13
Anthro ex: Fisk Black 2 14-15
Mostly, some humanoid traits ex: Mrs Brizby 2 16-17
All. 1 18
Giving them a size is a little trickier. For animals, the total number of species by size is a low-leaning bellcurve, so you can roll 4d6 dropping the highest on a table like this:
roll height
3 3in
4 5in
5 8in
6 1ft
7 2ft
8 3ft
9 5ft
10 8ft
11 13ft
12 21ft
13 34ft
14 55ft
15 89ft
16 144ft
17 233ft
18 377ft
Using 4d4+3 dropping the highest will yield a curve that's the same shape but with a smaller range, which is perhaps more suitable to humanoids, but that's assuming both that they follow the same trends as animals and that you're generating a whole race and not an individual.
I don't have data, but for individuals I'd assume that population goes up as a creature increases in size, it also increases in the territory required to sustain it. Since mass increases in an x3 way and area increases in an x2 way, then within the same space you'll probably get a pareto curve. Here's a quicktable I made By asking Wolfram Alpha for the powers of 1.3 and choosing 8 starting with a number that looks reasonable if it refer'd to feet, biasing towards the small. Technically I should also make the weights a pareto curve for realism, but on the one hand a roll out of 120 is annoying, and on the other a linear one like this is a compromise between realism and narrative expectation.
height weight roll
2ft 10 8 1-8
3ft 7 7 9-15
4ft 10 6 16-21
6ft 3 5 22-26
8ft 2 4 27-30
10ft 7 3 31-33
13ft 9 2 34-35
17ft 11 1 36
You could roll on that by asking Wolfram Alpha to roll 1d35, or you could use the virtual base method: Roll 2d6. The first gives you the multiple of 6 to use, and the second adds its result to that. A 6 on the first is read as 0. Therefore 3,5 would be 23, while 6,3 would be 3. I set the cap for the table at 17ft 11in because the next jump up was 23ft 4in, which seem'd a bit much to me. I could've chosen a different scaling factor, but this was easy because I could ask a machine to spit out a bunch of them. If I were making the heights themselves by hand I might use lucas numbers, but that's about as high as is reasonable. Using lucas numbers or powers of 2 would've given a different curve shape, but that's a bit too steep. I chose 1.3 because it's just right for inches, Lucas numbers are about right if you're using cm though. Take the 6 highest of the first 14 and that'll give you a range from 47cm to 521cm.

The Other Race

You can fairly easily generate random ethnicity by using a flat distribution and list as many different ethnicities as apply, or by making a table of the demographics breakdown that best represents the character's place of origin and using those proportions as weights. Remember that if you're doing this for a game and you give different stats to different ethnicities, you're a racist. There's more variation within races than between them.
Similarly, you can generate orientation and gender identity realistically since the proportion there seems to be pretty consistent in countries with decent LGBT rights, at least for what gets report'd. About 1% of the population is trans* or otherwise not cisgender'd, and about 5% are either gay or bi in a 3-2 ratio. Remember those are separate figures, so you should separately roll 1d100 for gender and 1d20 for orientation, which you can further break down with 1d5 if your character isn't straight. The demographics for gender assignment at birth are slightly off from even, with women being 51%. Intersex anatomy also has about a 1% occurrence, and again those are separate rolls.

Special mentions

I feel like the above is fairly complete, but a few other things to throw in for good measure that might get proper writeups when I chew on them more:
This'll be for another day, but I'm working on a way to procedurally generate names. Currently most systems I try are too unwieldy to use simply, but it'd be a handy set of tools to have. The most recent test of mine came out Jiotch Fuiagteisg Vrothed, which is still a bit of a mouthful and took several minutes to generate one phoneme at a time.
E: I decided to see what the total possibility space was for this system in the broadest of terms. Only considering factors I would actually use but using every part of it including 3 rolls for backstory gives a total of 2.6 * 1057 possible outcomes.
E2: Changed the age section, add'd an anchor for the Drama system.
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Welcome to the ICO subreddit


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We’ll be posting news and updates, especially about our upcoming ICO, and we’d love to see you share your thoughts, ideas, and relevant links that you think might interest the community.  
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Links and stuff

Here are some other useful links forthose wanting to find out more about who we are what we do:
Read press coverage on our ICO:
P.S. Check out the sidebar for more cool links!
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Freedom Wars Lore and Facts that I found on this subreddit and inside the game (mostly inside the game)

Credit goes to Reset_Tears and tumblr user Kei for fact No.2,part of No.7,and 14-21.Thank you for your sizable contribution!
Over the course of digging deep in this subreddit and talking with almost every single individual in the game,I have compiled a list of all the lore that I found.Please know I'm sure I missed some stuff,so consider the list incomplete and I will try to keep it updated.If you know any bit of lore that I missed,please tell me in the comment and I will add it in.Also if you have any theories that you would like to share,don't hesitate to share them in the comments.It's fun to make up theories in my opinion.I'll probably play through the game again to discover more bits of lore later.
IMPORTANT NOTICE! I have stopped the lore hunt because of a tight schedule and schoolwork.Do not expect any more bits of lore from me.If anyone wants to use any these facts in their own content,they have my permission beforehand to use any of my bits of lore.You will have to ask koil90 and anyone else who have contributed if you want to use their facts from this list.Thank you everyone for your support and and contributions.It certainly kept me going to keep this going longer than I intended to.
1.Beatrice at one point makes a very vague description of On High saying it’s a very “beautiful" and “orderly" place.
2.Sinner’s food is made up of synthetic materials that provide simple energy and DHMO source. The food itself does not contain any taste or stimulations. Food productions and used materials are all highly classified. However, black markets such as the Fueling Station sell rare food items illegally such as sugar, alcohol, sodium chloride and etc.
3.The reason why Uwe and Elfriede have their own glove type weapons is because they have gotten the proper entitlements in order to use it.It’s possible to get your own glove type weapons,but all the entitlements to use that weapon have been taken by other sinners sadly.
4.Citizens are genetically engineered to be short because they take up less resources that way.Because of their short size and lack of strength,they are highly unlikely to defend themselves in an attack.The plus side about all this is that are easy to carry in citizen reclamation operations.
5.Sinners on the other hand are genetically engineered for combat.They are faster,stronger,and more resilient to physical pain and stress than citizens.However,sinners are not described as being very smart since they’re only being bred for combat and nothing else.
6.Retribution victims are not random.They only go after Panopticons that are starting to pose a threat to On High.Most of the the time,the Panopticons are just barely functional and not completely razed.Sometimes they are like what happened to Hourai.
7.The official name for the little black boxes behind your sinner is Willo generator and Willo alternator.The sinner's weapons,combat items and Willo energy required for thorn use is stored here.Whenever the sinner wants a weapon,the Willo generator releases these Willo particles that take shape and form the weapon,complete with its different stats that are recorded inside the Willo generator.This is why every time when you switch weapons,you see this little blue smoke around the weapon for a brief moment.It also has the capability to create and store its own Willo energy.How it does this,I don't know.This also implies that the ammo itself is made out of Willo,but why do you need to refill ammo periodically when the Willo generator can create an infinite amount of Willo,I don’t know.It is also possible to have more than two attached to your back during combat,but doing so is a violation of the People's Charter and you would be severely punished. According to the Retribution cutscene shown in CODE 2 and witness reports from Hal and Ann after you defeat the Ramosa,it is very painful if the Willo generator is forcibly ripped off a sinner's back.The reason why it's painful is because your body constantly emits a Willo signature that the Willo generators are very attracted to allowing it to stick to your back similar to the force of magnetism.Hal says he had Ann try to take off his Willo generator after hearing the screams of pain from other sinners when the Warriors from On High ripped off theirs.He described it as bein incredibly painful and unbearable.How you safely take it off,I don't know that one either.
8.Beatrice gives us another fact about On High saying that On High teaches its students that "humanity is a seething pit of greed and violence and who steal technology from the manifestations of the Fallen”(maybe not the exact words,but the meaning is still the same.).
Theory 1. I think I may have figured out who the Fallen are.They’re simply On High residents who didn’t agree with On High and came down to the surface to live in the Panopticons.For one,doesn’t the name transition make sense?You were On High,but now you are Fallen?Sylvia also supports this name transition by telling Beatrice in an argument that a certain individual warned her before leaving On High that Cesare and Beatrice may have “fallen”.
Theory 2. If theory 1 does hold any credibility,then Beatrice has just told us in Fact 8 that On High residents were the first ones to create Abductors.This could mean that the abductors that we’re most familiar with,the all purpose bipeds,the all purpose quadrupeds,the artillery variants all came from the Three Prototypes.We already know Red Rage was one of them and he obviously resembles the all purpose bipeds.Since he was an original model from long ago,the other two prototypes must be a quadruped and artillery variant.The story on the origins of these three abductor types could have gone something like this:The Fallen could have originally made the Prototypes to protect themselves in the war between the Panopticons and from On High should they ever try to take them back again.The Panopticon officials saw these things in action during a battle and wanted to make their own versions to fight other Panopticons.They set out to make their own versions that did the same things as the Prototypes,but were weaker in durability because of the differences in materials.The Panopticons would go on to improve the designs as they got access to better materials which is why we have Mk.1-Mk.4 type.
9 It is possible for sinners and citizens to enter relationships,but they only can do so with the Panopticon’s approval and with whoever the Panopticon picks out for them.
Theory 3.Simeon could have been the first of the Fallen as mentioned by Sylvia in one of the CODE 8 cutscenes as you kill her with the Exodus that Simeon gave you.So that means Simeon may have been responsible for the Three Prototypes and for the Pelatatum boss fight.Why the Peltatum boss fight?It’s because if you ever gather any of the parts from Pelatatum and look at those parts in your inventory afterwards,the game would classify them as “Abductors(On High)” parts.Even though where Pelatatum and the other variants(Oltatum,C-Type Radion Blinding Light Alpha) came from initially is still a mystery,it does seem clear to me that it came from On High.Whether On High has things like this up there or this is Simeon’s original creation is still a mystery.
10.The C-Type Radion Blinding Light Alpha is the only abductor where the Panopticon’s variant is stronger than the On High version.
11.As revealed by a citizen in CODE 8,Accessories are not entirely robotic.They are actually cyborgs with a mixture of robotic and organic parts.This is further supported by the fact that whenever you wanted to change your sinner and accessory,you would select an option called "Request Physical Remodeling”.Whenever you wanted to change a physical feature about yourself or for your accessory,they would find a dead sinner,cut it into different parts,cut off the part on your body or your accessory's that you wanted to change and replace it with the new part that you wanted.The device on the accessory's neck is a speakeartificial vocal cord.There's even a + and - buttons to adjust the volume of their voice.Very resourceful I must say.
Credit goes to koil90 for fact No.12 and 13 and theories No.4 and 5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12.Natalia seems like a cold hearted and stern individual,but deep down she is actually passionate and warm-hearted.This is hinted early in the story by Beatrice when asked about Natalia and when you talk with her at the end of the game.
Theory 4. Sinners are only allowed to eat scraps because of being seen as the lowest of the low whereas everyone else gets something decent to eat.It is shown over and over in the game especially at the lower CODE levels that sinners are the most oppressed individuals in the whole Panopticon.
13.The headphones on your sinner's head has more purpose than making you look cool.It is used for communications with your teammates and is also where the awesome battle music comes from as confirmed by the music lover,Leon, in between the Fraternity member and the jukebox at the Fueling Station when he says "These headphones we wear aren't solely for communicating with comrades or listening to announcements from the authorities,you know.".
Theory 5.Simeon's main goal is to bring the downfall of On High through the Great Transformation.This is proven by a quote when he offers you the four paths.When talking about The Path of Alliance,he says,"My ultimate aim is to bring about the downfall of On High.I believe that in doing so,the madness that infects this world can be brought to an end."When the player chooses The Path of Alliance,Simeon quotes that this would allow the player to "do battle with On High and succeed." further proving that he hates On High. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14.Not a fact about the in game world or lore exactly,but Freedom Wars had a book released exclusively in Japan and a fair bit of merchandise and advertising.Links to the book I found are here and the merchandise and advertising are here.
15.A sinner’s daily schedule starts from 4:00-12:00 where contribution starts, 12:00-13:00 is break time, 14:00-22:00 continue for contribution and finally 22:00-4:00 sleeping hours. Technically you work for 16 hours straight a day as an average sinner.
16.There is actually toilet in each sinner’s cell; it’s the square panel at the right side of the bed. You can’t open it in the game, however.
17.Accessories is not only created for overseeing sinner’s activity and as a mission partner, but also as some “person” that a sinner can depends on, in other words, someone to place their affections like love, someone to grow attach to as sinner that has no rights to like or love other sinners unless the Panopticon officials grant them those rights.
18.Simeon and Aries are once human, they exist before the Panopticon era and it was Simeon who creates the power source Will’O.
19.Aries. M’s design is inspired by the Aries constellation, while her personality is based on a cat.
20.The golden color zippers used for the pouch bag that Julien wears are made of pure gold, according to canon.
21.Willo thorns are actually made of materialized Willo similar to how your weapons are made.
22.A couple of times in the story,some of the NPCs will mention that each person in the game emits their own Willo signature.I'm not quite sure what this means.
Theory 6.I think I may have figured out how the Willo generators create their own Willo energy.Your body itself creates a special Willo signature which to me seems comparable to chi.I'm guessing the Willo generators have the power to convert this signature to usable Willo energy which can explain why it constantly recharges on the battlefield.This can also explain why the Willo generators are stuck to a sinners back through a force similar to magnetism.It's because the generators are constantly looking for a Willo signature source that it can convert into pure Willo energy.However since I couldn't find any evidence supporting this,I can't say that this is completely true,but it is something to think about.
23.The Fraternity get some of their merchandise by scavenging battlefields after a fight.If you talk with the Fraternity member in the Fueling Station when you're at CODE 2,he will tell you what happened to your old accessory in the beginning cutscene.After you got crushed by the abductor,your old accessory got crushed afterwards.After the battle,the Fraternity came and took your accessory,fixed it up,and sold it to another Panopticon.He also mentions that "We got a lot of very brainy people workin' for us,you see..." suggesting that many citizens work with the Fraternity as well.
24.Accessories also appear to be called Eudaemonic Facilitation Units.
25.The Utopedia is a database inside the Panopticon that houses all information pertaining to the Panopticon itself and all of its personnel.
26.Percy Propa is also known as an Ultra-High-Spec Multi-Purpose Administrative Assistant.
27.The Fraternity hints at the fact that it sells and buys more than black market items.They also pay and sell valuable information for all personnel in the Panopticon.It's a pretty popular business that many sinners often do.They are rewarded with years off their sentence and some nice resources.
28.As hinted by Hal,it seems like sinners get slightly better things to eat as they move up the CODE ladder when he says, Apparently,sinners with higher CODE Clearance are allowed to drink all kinds of other weird and wonderful things.".
29.Cell Gardens are also know as General Purpose Movable Cell Arrays.
30.According to Ann,there is a huge Willo field that surrounds the Panopticon that will sometimes affect the eyes of any residents and cause them to see things that aren't really there.What is the purpose of this,I don't know.
31.Julien at one point tells us what Willo actually is by saying,"Willo technology involves turning electron ensembles into Bose condensates that have certain fixed properties.This is done by converting the Kulkarni-Askalonov field-a vector field which resembles the human nervous system-into energy,doing angular motion within a Willo particle.Doing this allows us to create an energy field whose properties are based on human volition-the will of people."Translated to the best of my abilities,Willo is a complicated energy source that is controlled by the will of a human being hence the name "Will"o.This could possibly mean that when your sinner changes weapons or launches a thorn on the battlefield,some Willo energy are taken from the Willo generators and are converted into materialized Willo to take the shape of anything the sinner wants if the sufficient blueprints are inside the Willo generators.
32.Julien also goes on to say,"Willo technology has a huge range of applications.It can be used to craft weapons that have elemental effects,or build incredibly efficient energy reactors.Because of this,it seems that Willo is the dominant energy source in the game and they're no alternatives.
33.The Fueling Station is confirmed to be selling black market goods according to Silvana,the citizen that works for Jiro,the barman who owns the Fueling Station.The story goes like this: One day,a Fraternity member named,Lars who is always seen inside the Fueling Station, comes with a bunch of Fraternity members and try to take over the Fueling Station.Jiro is rightfully pissed and it scares the Fraternity members and who instead of ransacking the place into a place to sell black market goods,they strike a deal.Jiro agrees to sell the Fraternity goods and in exchange,he gets a discount on buying goods from them.
34.Carlos was a pretty bad guy even before he betrays the protagonist.He tried to undermine an alliance between your Panopticon and nog.Luckily,it backfired which is why he spends a lot of time in your Panopticon.
35.Nina mentions while discussing battle tactics with you that the Panopticon supplies sinners with high-spec armor.She doesn't mention anything else.
Theory 7. Could it be possible that the "high-spec armor" is just a Willo field that surrounds and protects you?It could explain why when sinners and accessories heal you,they have to use a huge bolt of Willo energy to do it.They're doing it to jumpstart the Willo generator so that it can create more armor.If theory number 6 is true,then we know that dead sinners cannot create any more Willo energy for the Willo generator to convert and so that means no more armor or "regenerating health".Kinda far fetched,but not entirely impossible.
38.Panopticon security systems depend on a person's Willo signature to detect if a person is friend or foe according to Julien.
39.According to Fiorina,the citizen that works for Gelasy in Zakka,when you tell your facilities to make a weapon,they're not actually making a physical weapon.They are just making a blueprint that is filled with information about the weapon that is stored in the Willo generators which can explain how they fit in their.The alternator is filled with a special type of Willo energy called Willo ferrofluid which can take the shaped of the weapon with all its stats according to the Blueprints within.
40.The Central Records Directorate is one of the branches of the Utopedia that houses information about all personnel living in the Panopticon according to Julien.
41.The reason why Hourain,Magallanican,Xanduvian,and Lemurian sinners dress alike is because the Panopticons for these sinners say it keeps them focused in the fight and can easily identify fellow comrades.
42.A couple of articles of the People's Charter are mentioned inside the game by a scared sinner named Paula.Article 60164 of the People's Charter states that all inhabitants of the Panopticon have absolute freedom of thought and conscience as prescribed by the precise rules and regulations laid down in the People's Charter.Article 49181 of the People's Charter states that that the People's Charter grants all inhabitants the freedom to have absolute faith in its higher wisdom.Inhabitants of the Panopticon shall obey no authority beyond the law which is prescribed by the People's Charter.Article 114504 of the People's Charter grants inhabitants the freedom to bask in everyone's collective joy and prosperity.All inhabitants of the Panopticon possess the freedom to maximize their individual joy and prosperity as prescribed by the People's Charter.
44.Carlos mentions that Nina and Kai both came from On High as well.Since he is an individual that tends to lie and trick you a lot,I cannot say if this is true or not.
45.The Panopticon's got their first weapons by severing parts off of On High abductors according to Sergio.This suggests that On High were the first ones to make a lot of the stuff we see in the game.
46.Tasties are a special kind of food usually sold by the Fraternity to make food taste better and are incredibly valuable.
47.Shizuka was raised by a well to do family and used to work as a tutor,teaching young kids philosophy and language.Shizuka was always fascinated by language because of the possibility to tell very convincing lies.
48.Marie was a very sick and feeble child growing up.A group of people (she does not mention sinners or citizens or Panopticon officials) took care of her all her life despite the hardships.Because of this,she feels that she needs to repay them by contributing as much as she can.
49.Silvana mentions that she and Fiorina are sisters.Fiorina did some bad things and because of this,they are forced to work for Jiro and Gelasy.Even though they were forced into working for them,they still enjoy it and are happy that it wasn't anything too bad.
50.Shizuka tells us that the Arcadia Panopticon knew a lot of things about Willo that no other Panopticon ever knew about before it was destroyed by the Great Loss,a catastrophic event where millions of people and the Panopticon itself vanished,plunging the world to even more chaos and disorder.
51.Lars mentions that there's either a high ranking branch or an entirely new organization called the Cartel which is well respected and only for the best of the best.The Cartel are responsible for everything from selling to production of goods and sets the price of "white stuff"(So-Chlo?).
52.The Committee for the Greater Good send messages through binary codes to your accessory which your accessory translates to tell you the messages.While it's difficult,it's possible to hijack these messages and give completely new orders through them.
Reset_Tears has sent me another link to Kei's tumblr page where she translated even more facts from the Freedom Wars guide book.I'm too tired to put them in now,so I'll just link it here.
P.S. I remember from reading deep down in this subreddit that someone was going around saying that because of translation errors,On High is known by a different name and are NOT called On High.The user did not go into specifics on what the real name was.So if you know Japanese and can confirm that On High are known by a different name through in game dialogue or other official sources,I would be very grateful for that.
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pics Google’s artificial neural networks processes Google images. This is the result. Google
television Farm Food by Chris Ballew, a parody of "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America, from the Farming episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy United
AskReddit Serious Just got my first Costco card as an adult. What do you get at Costco, Reddit? Costco
videos Confrontation between American Airlines Employee and Passengers American Airlines
AskReddit Options are getting thin: American screwed up, United screwed up. Reddit, who can we fly with anymore? United
pics Taken from inside the Rogers Center. CN Tower in all it's glory. Rogers
pics Taken from inside the Rogers Center. CN Tower in all it's glory. CN
funny Replying to not finished Facebook conversations from 6 years ago Facebook
news Why Rome sends trains filled with rubbish to Austria - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting This Dove bottle had two labels Dove
AskReddit SERIOUS People who have been on the MTV show Catfish, what was it like? MTV
OldSchoolCool My grandmother working the switchboard at Southern Bell in 1951 Bell
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Jokes The Orange Cashier Long Orange
mildlyinteresting The "M" in these MTV stickers is upside down. MTV
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's on Cozumel island off the coast of Mexico only serves desserts McDonald's
Music Cardiacs - Bell Clinks Prog/punk Bell
Showerthoughts If a company used stereotypes of other ethnicities in their ads like Subway does to promote their Italian sub, people would lose their shit. Subway
funny Goddammit, which one of you made this happen when you Google Sarah Jessica Parker!? Google
Music Hands - Volvo indie Close your eyes, forget the commercial, listen to the tune... Volvo
Showerthoughts Some Google Dev that was working on Google Earth was specifically assigned to make a 3-D model of your house/apartment building. Google
todayilearned TIL that during World War II, a former member of the bonnie and clyde gang by the name of W.D. Jones attempted to join the United States Army. But was rejected after doctors discovered that he still had bullets embedded in his body from multiple police shootouts from more than a decade earlier. United
AskReddit Serious What does a perfect United States look like/entail to you? United
todayilearned TIL that during World War II, a former member of the bonnie and clyde gang named W.D. Jones attempted to join the United States Army after being let out of prison. He was rejected after doctors found "four buckshot and a bullet" in his chest, and that part of his lung had been blown away. United
todayilearned TIL in the United States, people who turn 100 years old receive a letter from the President, congratulating them on their longevity. United
food Chocolate Orange Cheesecake homemade Orange
Showerthoughts I can't wait for Apple to start making contact lenses. Then I could put a filter on to make the world not look so shitty. Apple
Showerthoughts If I put translate something using Google Translate and it makes sense I know whoever wrote it probably isn't a speaker of the language. Google
movies Ghost in the Shell Cyberpunk Derelict City: VFX Breakdown Shell
Music Sylvan Esso -Just Dancing pop Esso
news Vietnamese villagers free police hostages - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting An Xbox One controller's infrared sensors made visible through picture flash Xbox
pics Anyone else outside of the US wonder why ESPN still geoblocks their videos as if they're exclusive footage? ESPN
todayilearned TIL that Steve Jobs thought pairing a stylus with a tablet would render it a failure in design. In 2015 Apple announced the Pencil, a stylus for iPads Apple
gaming New hopeful gamer with a few questions regarding Xbox one and PS4 Xbox
videos Michael Jackson MTV 10th anniversary MTV
todayilearned TIL someone anonymously sent St. Jude Children's Research Hospital a $1 million-winning McDonald's Monopoly piece. Although McDonald's does not allow the transfer of prizes, they had waived the rule. McDonald's
AskReddit You wake up and it is 2100. What is your first Google Search? Google
AskReddit Why was there massive public outcry that caused united to lose billions because they gave a guy a bloody lip. But almost no mention of the American Airlines lady that beat the crap out of somebody for trying to bring a stroller on board? Was it just because of the way the company handled it? American Airlines
funny You never go maximum… from Toyota engine manual Toyota
science Cuba's Cancer Revolution and Biotech: Lung Vaccine for EGF. 10's of 1000s have had lifespan extended. Power of science when socially organized. BBC Radio Podcast BBC
Music Are you a paid SoundCloud or Spotify or Google Pay user? Why did you choose that? Google
funny Looks like this Starbucks had enough Starbucks
AskReddit What is exactly 5,555 miles away from where you currently are in any direction, on Google Maps? Google
food Today I drank Redd's Apple Ale + Fireball Apple
tifu TIFU by discussing with the family about why Uber is better than taxi, whilst being driven in a taxi. Uber
videos Nikki Bella and John Cena goes Nude on Youtube Catch the video right here Youtube
gaming Looking for rhythm/music games for Playstation systems. Playstation
Showerthoughts Interesting fact: Walmart is a supermarket, not a zoo Walmart
pics First art project ever. Answers to extraneous questions: yes I was under the influence. Yes my initials are BG and yes it's my fucking birthday. art wouldn't accept my post so this post is in spite of those artsyfuckinfartsyduecheholes. BG
todayilearned TIL Sebastian Vettel named his 2009 F1 Red Bull RB5 "Kate's Dirty Sister." Red Bull
news Rupert Murdoch buying Sky News is the real reason why Bill O'Rilley was let go Sky
Jokes Why did the Facebook killer kill himself? Facebook
Jokes My answer when someone asks how I feel about United Airlines... United
Jokes Why are all the airlines in the United States so... United
aww POTUS. Puppy of the United States United
gadgets Nike and Apple are about to drop this collaboration on the public Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is it about Microsoft updates that they happen so often, instead of waiting a longer period of time to update alot in one sitting? Microsoft
Showerthoughts Toonami Tom has just been playing No Man's Sky this whole time. Sky
AskReddit serious Those of you who have deactivated Facebook accounts; Why did you and has it made you feel better? Facebook
mildlyinteresting Opened a Sprint , the whole cap came together Sprint
todayilearned TIL that 3 people attempted to sell Coca Cola's secret ingredient to Pepsi for $1.5m. But Pepsi reported them to Coca Cola and the FBI. Pepsi
news North Korea 'detains American citizen' - BBC News BBC
philosophy Atomic Intel Brief - What's Really Going On Intel
AskReddit Just like PC vs Xbox vs PS, what are the opposing sides in YOUR favourite hobby? Xbox
gaming Discussion Xbox One or other console? Xbox
todayilearned TIL Sony sold CDs that silently installed malware on PCs, in an attempt to protect their business. Sony
Showerthoughts I had a dream about Sprite last night, but even worse than that... I couldn't find any kind of function that would allow me to skip that dream. Sprite
videos My little brother has been working on this Lego Star Wars animation for what seems like forever! He finally finished it and is very proud of it and wants to see what you think! Lego
AskReddit SeriousWhat type of tweets and/or posts are most likely going to help you make your favorite celebrity follow you in Twitter and/or Instagram? Twitter
AskReddit What type of tweets or posts will most likely make your favorite celebrity follow you on Twitter and/or Instagram? Twitter
Music Roman Sky - Lost Voices Chill Trap edm 2017 Sky
listentothis TNJX - Sky Pirate Fairycore 2013 Sky
history I just found out I am related to someone who died in the Halifax Explosion. Anyone else? Halifax
videos Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software or Extension Youtube
worldnews Pope Francis: Europe migrant centres 'concentration camps' - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting These rows of apples at Target came in like this. Target
pics Crater Lake, Oregon, United States of America United
worldnews How might Donald Trump do a deal with North Korea? - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does Charter skip certain episodes of shows on demand? Charter
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Crater Lake, Oregon, United States of America United
worldnews Spammers Populate Google Maps With Pirate Links. Copyright holders are not happy with this unintended use and are targeting the pages with various takedown notices Google
Showerthoughts I wonder if in the afterlife, your success is binary - you're successful if you have a Google doodle, and not if you don't! Google
worldnews IMF meeting drops anti-protectionism pledge - BBC News BBC
worldnews Combiflam, D Cold Total and others found to be 'substandard' by drug regulator: All you need to know Total
todayilearned TIL Every year, the Delta Dental Plans Association polls Chicago area children about the amount of money they receive for a lost tooth and compiles it into a mock financial report called the "Tooth Fairy Index." Delta
gaming What games are Must-Play games for Xbox One? Xbox
gaming I'd like to create an Xbox 1 Ghost Recon Wild lands team. Xbox
OldSchoolCool My Papa Chiquito 1969 at the Boston Subway Station. Subway
mildlyinteresting This shop has a massive Coca-Cola bottle collection. Coca-Cola
Documentaries Japan: A Story of Love and Hate 2008 - BBC doc about Naoki, a part time postal worker who used to be a high powered executive before the bubble burst in the 90's. Now lives in poverty with his younger girlfriend Yoshie in a dysfunctional relationship. BBC
listentothis Treehouse Casino -- Silver Tongue Indie/Garage Rock 2017 Casino
pics Found this old-school Coca-Cola metal cooler at an estate sale for $5. Pretty neat! Coca-Cola
Showerthoughts There should be an Uber for toilets. It could run on methane gas. Uber
AskReddit How many images are there on Google Images ? Google
gaming QUESTION Should I keep my launch PS4 and Xbox One S or trade them for a PS4 Pro? Xbox
todayilearned TIL that there was once a black market for pre-recall Blue Bell ice cream. Bell
funny Today's Google doodle looks more like a handlebar mustache rather tham what's supposed to be. Google
worldnews Holograms, mistrust and 'fake news' in France's election - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool Special Effects master Stan Winston and his animatronic T-Rex on the set of ‘Jurassic Park.’ circa 1993 Winston
videos Man gets high of "Air-Duster" in a McDonald's Parking Lot McDonald's
Art Illuminated T, Apple pencil, 3"x3" Apple
funny Added my SO of over a year on Facebook this morning. Facebook
Showerthoughts What if Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are just the world's best googles? Tyson
aww A Dog Playing A Sky Rocket. Sky
todayilearned TIL that the only reason that the United States has the same Stop Sign design as the rest of the world is because the UN adopted the USA standard. The US never signed the UN convention that made it standard. United
mildlyinteresting Samsung and Apple stores next to each other in Barcelona. Apple
mildlyinteresting These IKEA interlocking chair packages IKEA
videos I made a Lego Animation for a school contest. X-Post /Lego and /Mountandblade Lego
worldnews US Accuses TCS, Infosys Of Violating H-1B Visa Norms Infosys
worldnews Film points finger at South Korean government for Sewol disaster - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Train/ Airplane / Ship / Subway operators of Reddit , what's the most unforgettable thing that happened to you during work ? Subway
AskReddit What is worse than stepping on Lego barefoot? Lego
gaming My dad plugged in my Xbox to the car now I. Can play IN THE CAR! Xbox
pics The Sheraton in Doha, Qatar looks like Camp Big Falcon Sheraton
todayilearned TIL Mike Tyson Races Pigeons And Made A show "Taking on Tyson" That Focuses On The Ancient Sport Of Pigeon Racing. Tyson
food Homemade Lego Batman cake Lego
AskReddit What's the single most horrible hotel you can find based on Google Maps' user-submitted photos? Google
AskReddit Serious Malaysian claims on Facebook that a certain stranger is releasing a sort of dizziness/fainting-inducing scent when a document is opened close to their face. Is this possible? Facebook
gaming It'll Take 2 Years to Fully Utilize Xbox Scorpio's Power; 12GB RAM Means "No Real Technical Limits", Says Stardock CEO Xbox
todayilearned TIL Cosplayers @ DragonCon made camouflage of the Marriott Hotel's carpet- and received a cease and desist for doing so! Marriott
funny Then never before seen BMW echo. BMW
Music Electric Paws - Crying Sky electronic Sky
EarthPorn OC 1080x1920 A field in spring time. Wirral, England, United Kingdom United
AskReddit SeriousWhy are Google Apps missing from upper right corner when I open Chrome? Google
dataisbeautiful Eight "nations" of the United States United
Showerthoughts It would be fantastic if there was a credit card where the rewards, instead of being airline miles, were paid out in AirBnB or Uber credit Uber
worldnews Macron-Le Pen 'in French run-off' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Redditors in the United States; what was the last 1-900 number you called, when and why? United
funny This dude's face at the Apple Store Apple
worldnews France elections: Macron-Le Pen though to run-off, projections say - BBC News BBC
AskReddit If Facebook was a face, what part would Reddit be? Facebook
news Cherokee Nation files lawsuit targeting CVS and other pharmacies in opioid crisis CVS
news Tim Cook reportedly threatened to remove Uber from the App Store in CEO meeting Uber
gaming Anyone know what the deal is with Volkswagen vehicles being absent from pretty much every racing game made in the last 10 years? Volkswagen
todayilearned TIL that Starbucks has a secret menu Starbucks
worldnews French election 2017: Who are the candidates? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What is the most interesting place to explore in Google maps? Google
mildlyinteresting Rust spot resembles the United States. United
news Onetime Mrs. Orange County pleads guilty to child pornography Orange
pics "Three F-86 Sabres and an F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet fly in formation during the 2016 Heritage Flight Training and Certification Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base" on 6 March 2016 in Arizona, USA. Photographer: United States Air Force Senior Airman Chris Massey United
videos [MY HANDS ARE TRAPPED! Statik #1 - Playstation VR Gameplay](
pics "An Air Combat Command F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team aircraft flies during the AirPower over Hampton Roads Open House" on 24 April 2016 at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, USA. Photographer: United States Air Force Senior Airman Kayla Newman United
mildlyinteresting Condom section in Walmart is called "Family Planning" Walmart
funny A wild Canadian Goose storming out of Target after realizing they only accept U.S. currency Target
Showerthoughts With the choice between LePen and Macron, France will be choosing between Goldman Sachs and Vladimir Putin. Goldman Sachs
worldnews Aurora photographers find new night sky lights and call them Steve - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Potato Veggie Hash; Crepes with a Mixed Berry Compote and Mascarpone; Orange Juice Orange
funny When you're dragged to Starbucks against your will... Starbucks
AskReddit What memories has Facebook reminded you of that made you cringe? Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is happening when your Xbox and other electronics are "updating"? Xbox
food I ate/made - Glam'd up some McDonald's pancakes with strawberries, whip cream, and veggie sausages McDonald's
AskReddit Why does the United States not use our own excess trash/waste to make energy like some European countries do? United
Showerthoughts New movies about Steve Jobs are going to keep coming out because everyone knows Apple fans are dumb enough to pay for the same thing every couple years Apple
gaming Any good baseball games for Xbox One? Xbox
Jokes I'm so sick of United Airlines jokes. United
pics Last Nite I received my BP Fellow diploma and pin from HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden . BP
videos What will happen if you boil a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino? Starbucks
gifs 120mph Ford Focus crash test Ford
personalfinance CAN Pay off OSAP or Scotiabank student line of credit first? Scotiabank
todayilearned TIL That a man once tried to sue Pepsi because he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew, Pepsi defended the case by proving that Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse in a few months. Pepsi
worldnews ISIS threaten to behead a hacker after he takes over 250 jihadi Twitter accounts and fills them with porn Twitter
mildlyinteresting Bought a couple sealed DVD's at Kroger today for $5 and this was on the inside of one of them Kroger
todayilearned TIL: there are more marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Than McDonald's & Starbucks, Combined. McDonald's
funny When you're Asian and flying United Airlines United
AskReddit If Smell-O-Vision worked like a Google search, what would you look up first? Google
gaming Replaying Dawnguard and falling in love with the sexy vampire Serana again, I decided to Google who did her voice. Google
Showerthoughts There should be a Minecraft-style Lego video game Lego
pics Spotted the Notorious B.I.G. at Starbucks today. Starbucks
Showerthoughts I sometimes try to shop at Whole Foods just to remind myself how poor I'm Whole Foods
funny Because no UPS man is an island... UPS
funny My local Facebook "free and for sale" page. Tried to come up with a good caption...decided to just leave it here and let reddit do what reddit does Facebook
videos The New York Subway in 1986 Subway
mildlyinteresting This Xbox 1 fits into this shelving slot perfectly Xbox
OldSchoolCool My grandfather interviewing Albert Einstein for CBS news in the 1950's. CBS
LifeProTips LPT: Scheduling an Uber ride a day in advance cuts the price almost 40%. Great for rides to the airport. Uber
OldSchoolCool Prince Rogers Nelson circa 1978 Rogers
AskReddit What are some cool/weird/funny/creepy things you can see on Google Earth? Google
pics Today a Mazda blew past me in the opposing lane, while we were in a schoolzone. There were kids around and I want to report it. I focused in on the plate as much as I could, but would appreciate another set of eyes on what the plate could be. Mazda
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The.,Orion.,Code.,Reviews.,-.,Another.,Scam.,Software?.,-.,Push.,Money.,App ...pushmoneyapps..,/the-orion-code-review-scam/ Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Edward.,Robinson's.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,is.,this.,App.,really.,Legit?.,I've.,been.,trading.,for.,weeks.,using.,Edward's.,trading.,Software.,..,Learn.,if.,it's.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,–.,Dangerous.,Scam.,-.,Binary.,Option.,Sheriff ...binaryoptionsheriff..,/orion-code-review-dangerous-scam/ Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,by.,Edward.,Robinson.,will.,go.,straight.,in.,our.,BLACKLIST.,SCAMS..,This.,review.,will.,expose.,the.,crooks.,who.,have.,limitless.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,How.,This.,Scam.,is.,Trending?.,Read.,Now!.,-.,QuintUp ...quintup..,/orion-code-review-scam/ 22.,hours.,ago.,-.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,This.,Scam.,is.,trenindg.,Now!.,Yes,.,Read.,.,plete.,article.,how.,orion.,code.,software.,is.,scamming.,incoent.,people.,with.,fake.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,:.,Scam.,Software.,!!.,Important.,Warning.,!! ...bestbinaryoptionssignal..,/orion-code-review-scam-software/ .,Rating:.,2.,-.,‎Review.,by.,James.,John 6.,days.,ago.,-.,**Read.,this.,Important.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Review.,!!.,The.,Orion.,Code.,App.,is.,nothing.,but.,a.,rehash.,of.,the.,notorious.,Quantum.,Code.,scam. Orion.,Code.,Review.,(Quantum.,Code.,Relaunch).,-.,Objective.,Binary.,... .s://objectivebinaryoptions..,/orion-code-review/ .,Rating:.,1.,-.,‎Review.,by.,James 4.,days.,ago.,-.,Orion.,Code.,by.,"Edward.,Robinson,".,formerly.,known.,as.,Quantum.,Code,.,is.,another.,binary.,options.,auto.,trading.,scam..,The.,name.,has.,changed,.,... No.,Loss.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Edward.,Robinson.,CEO.,The.,Orion.,Code.,... Video.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review▶.,2:11 .s://,/watch?v=m_-jaMVAkbU 3.,hours.,ago.,-.,Uploaded.,by.,Orion.,Code No.,Loss.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Edward.,Robinson.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Testimonial.,.://tinyurl..,.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,SCAM.,WARNING?.,-.,YouTube Video.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review▶.,1:04 .s://,/watch?v=PJMdR8PcCt8 Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Uploaded.,by.,Top.,Reviews Orion.,Code.,Review.,==▻.,.://←.,Start.,Here.,Locating.,an.,unbiased.,review.,for.,... The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,SCAM.,Or.,REAL.,... ...thedailyhastings..,/reviews/the-orion-code-review-orion-code-software-scam-... Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,SCAM.,Or.,REAL?.,How.,To.,Use.,The.,Orion.,Code.,System.,APP.,To.,Make.,A.,Huge.,Profits? Images.,for.,Orion.,code.,ReviewReport.,images Image.,result.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review Image.,result.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review Image.,result.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review 3.,days.,ago Image.,result.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review 4.,days.,ago Image.,result.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review More.,images.,for.,Orion.,code.,Review Orion.,Code.,Scam.,Review-Scam.,or.,Not?.,Crack.,the.,Code .s://trustedbinaryreviews..,.,›.,Scam.,Reviews .,Rating:.,1.,-.,‎Review.,by.,Trusted.,Binary.,Reviews Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Here,.,we.,have.,a.,.,plete.,scam.,review.,of.,Orion.,Code.,by.,the.,Trusted.,Binary.,reviews.,team..,You.,can.,get.,more.,knowledge.,about.,it.,here. Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,Software.,Scam.,or.,Really.,Work?.,Truth.,Revealed centumentltdreview..,/orion-code-review/ Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,How.,Does.,Edward.,Robinson's.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Work?.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,Scam.,or.,Real.,Trading.,System?.,Read.,our.,... Orion.,Code.,Trading.,Software.,Review.,-.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,a.,Scam? top7binaryrobots..,/review/orion-code/ What.,is.,Orion.,Code.,System.,&.,Who.,is.,Edward.,Robinson?.,Check.,This.,100%.,Exclusive.,OrionCode.,Review.,by.,Experts.,Is.,This.,Binary.,Options.,Software.,Scam.,or.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,SCAM.,Refurbished.,with.,NEW.,Name!!.,|.,Elite.,Club .s://...binaryoptionseliteclub..,.,›.,....,›.,Orion.,Code.,Scam.,Orion.,Code.,Review 5.,days.,ago.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,is.,a.,scam.,by.,Edward.,Robinson..,This.,honest.,unbiased.,Orion.,code.,review.,will.,expose.,the.,suspicious.,elements.,behind.,... The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,SCAM.,APP.,....,-.,JVzoo.,Reviews ...jvzooreviews..,/the-orion-code-review-is-orion-code-scam-app-or-legit-system/ Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,By.,Edward.,Robinson.,Is.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Scam.,System.,Or.,Legit.,Software.,?.,is.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Worth.,Your.,Money? 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Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,Quick.,Cash.,System.,Review quickcashsystem..,/tag/orion-code-review Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,System.,Review.,Does.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Works.,Or.,Just.,A.,Scam.,APP?.,What.,is.,TheOrionCode..,.,About?.,My.,The.,Orion.,... Orion.,Code.,Software.,Scam.,Review!.,NOT.,100%.,Win.,NQS.,Trading.,... ...binaryoptions-sentinel..,/orion-code-software-scam-review/ Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,by.,Edward.,Robinson.,a.,SCAM.,Auto.,Trading.,System.,or.,LEGIT?.,Read.,Review.,that.,exposes.,LIES.,on.,Near.,Orion.,Speed.,... Orion.,Code.,Review!.,AVOID.,THIS.,FRAUDULENT.,SCAM! binaryoptionspatrol..,/watch-orion-code-scam/ .,Rating:.,2.,-.,‎Review.,by.,Patrol Oct.,23,.,2016.,-.,Orion.,Code.,is.,nothing.,more.,but.,a.,deceitful.,trading.,fraud.,with.,very.,good.,sales.,techniques,.,if.,you're.,looking.,to.,invest.,in.,this.,software,.,please.,read.,... 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The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,-.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,a.,SCAM? ...betoroption..,.,›.,Orion.,Code Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,Orion.,Code.,Review..,When.,I.,was.,reviewing.,trends.,in.,auto.,trader.,scam.,recently.,with.,some.,colleagues,.,there.,was.,a.,consensus.,that.,binary.,... User.,orion.,-.,Code.,Review.,Stack.,Exchange codereview.stackexchange..,/users/38270/orion orion.,top.,44%.,overall..,Apparently,.,this.,user.,prefers.,to.,keep.,an.,air.,of.,mystery.,about.,them..,5.,answers..,0.,questions..,~4k.,people.,reached..,Member.,for.,2.,years,.,... The.,Orion.,Code.,Review,.,New.,Binary.,Options.,Trading.,Software.,... ...wsmv..,/.../the-orion-code-review-new-binary-options-trading-soft...WSMV‑TV Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,Making.,The.,Orion.,Code.,binary.,options.,trading.,much.,easier,.,Edward.,Robinson.,has.,released.,his.,new.,binary.,options.,trading.,software.,that.,... Orion.,Code.,Review.,–.,Scam.,Or.,Legit.,Software? binaryoptions24..,/orion-code-review/ Oct.,20,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,–.,You.,can.,easily.,pull.,a.,crazy.,$5,500.,to.,$17,500.,per.,day.,using.,this.,simple.,and.,100%.,automated.,trading.,FREE.,system..,What.,is.,... The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,SCAM.,System.,Or.,Legit.,Software? .s:// Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,....,Edward.,Robinson.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Scam.,Or.,NOT?.,What.,is.,The.,Orion.,Code.,?.,Read.,Our.,The.,Orion.,Code.,System.,Review.,To.,Get.,$1K. The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,SCAM.,APP.,Or.,Legit.,System.,... citidelltd..,/the-orion-code-review-is-orion-code-scam-app-or-legit-system/ Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,is.,New.,Brand.,Revolutionary.,Binary.,Options.,Signals.,APP.,Software.,That's.,Really.,Works.,in.,Effective.,Way..,I.,started.,... The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,Is.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Scam.,Or.,Not.,... Oct.,22,.,2016.,-.,Read.,My.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Honest.,Review.,Now.,To.,Make.,The.,Right.,Decision..,If.,you.,are.,looking.,for.,this.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Reviews.,”.,is.,... Orion.,Code.,Version.,8.,|.,Facebook .s://...facebook..,/OrionCodeVersion8 The.,Orion.,Code.,Version.,8.,Review.,-.,Special.,Information.,About.,Edward.,Robinson.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,System.,Reviews.,Orion.,Code.,Version.,8.0. The.,Orion.,Code.,Software.,Is.,The.,Orion.,Code.,LEGIT.,Or.,SCAM? Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,description.,has.,been.,released.,by.,Edward.,Robinson,.,regarding.,the.,new.,Unlimited.,Profits.,binary.,options.,system.,... Is.,The.,Orion.,Code.,A.,Scam.,-.,Citidel.,LTD.,Investment.,APP.,Review.,Is.,... Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,The.,Orion.,Code.,Review.,description.,has.,been.,released.,by.,Edward.,Robinson,.,regarding.,the.,new.,Unlimited.,Profits.,binary.,options.,system.,... Edward.,Robinson.,Scam.,Alert.,–.,Don't.,Trust.,The.,Orion.,Code.,|.,Online.,... onlinefinancialsuccessstory..,.,›.,Binary.,Options.,Software Oct.,21,.,2016.,-.,In.,this.,review.,of.,Orion.,Code.,I.,will.,prove.,to.,you.,that.,the.,whole.,system.,is.,a.,scam.,and.,that.,you.,CANNOT.,TRUST.,this.,guy.,Edward.,,CANNOT.,TRUST.,this.,guy.,Edward.,Robinson.
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Your Legacy Club Review - Does "Your Legacy Club" Work?

Your Legacy Club Review, Does "Your Legacy Club" Work? Your Legacy Club Review -Is O'Doherty's "Your Legacy Club" App Scam?What's Your Legacy Club App Is All about?Check my Unbiased Your Legacy App Club Below To Learn The Truth About This System.
Product Description:
Product complete : "Your Legacy Club"
Niche: Binary Option
Product Creator: Millionaire O'Doherty
Official website : *Your Legacy Official Website *
Money-back Promise : Yes
Bonus offer : First 70
What is Your Legacy Software?
Your Legacy App
One of various benefits of Your Legacy Club is it independently monitors the market and searches for trading opportunities with the subsequent execution of transactions. Let's look what This App can offer as an automated trading system.
Safe & Secure Trading
Majority of both short and medium-term traders mistakes are linked to the fact that at a certain time there is a fear that following transactions can be unprofitable. Although in reality, there is no reason to worry, if the trading does not contrary to the principles of Your Legacy App trading strategy.
Unlike traders, Your Legacy App adheres an algorithm of professional traders, regardless of the current market situation. All the rules of risk management, entry points, as well as candlestick formations and indicators taken into account by Robot. The total lack of understanding here brings enormous benefits. Doubts, false assumptions and constant updating of ideas, which just forced to make some amendments are discarded.
. .
==> Click here to Get Started With Your Legacy Now & Claim Bonus $300
. .
Discipline is maintained even in a volatile market as the trading rules are supported and executed. Traders often make mistakes out of fear of a potential loss or when because of greed outstay in the position for a few dollars on top. Your Legacy App eliminates these negative factors, as it trades following the rules clearly.
Unlike newbie traders, whose speculations and conclusions on the background of the installed templates are subjective, Your Legacy App has a maximum transparency and objective work due predetermined rules. Simply put, Robot does not create new combinations, based on the recent trading experience. App
Since Your Legacy experts reacts instantly to changing market conditions, Your Legacy App opens a position immediately as soon as the requirements of the trading plan executed. The results of Your Legacy App trading can greatly change if market entry will happen for a few seconds before. Once the position is opened, expiration time is set automatically.
Your Legacy Club allows you to trade different assets or different strategies at the same time. It allows you to spread risk across many instruments. If binary options trading seems difficult for you, it easily and efficiently executed by Your Legacy App. Your Legacy App service can simultaneously monitor multiple markets, trade a variety of tools and control a lot of positions. 100% Automated Binary Trading Software
No Emotions
Your Legacy App can help you to curb the emotions during trading as it executed almost automatically. This, in turn, will enable you to easily follow Your Legacy App trading plan. You will not hesitate and doubt when opening the position, as a position is opened immediately by Robot according to the rules. Your Legacy App does not only help traders, who fear to pull the trigger, but also those who have a bad habit of excitement.
One of the biggest challenges in trading – is a choice between trade planning and trading following the plan. Even when the trader knows that his system is profitable in the long run, short series of losing trades can make him deviate from the plan, leveling all the expectations of the strategy. Your Legacy App provides you with consistency, as it always trades automatically according to the plan. In addition, it relieve you of possible errors in the position setting.
Your Legacy App is easy to solve the problem by capturing the perfect moment to buy both Call and Put binary options. If you set Robot in accordance with Your Legacy App requirements, you won’t have the problems with trading and the percentage of successful transactions increased by proper positioning.
No Download
You do not need to download Your Legacy App from Your Legacy App website. Click here to register a free Your Legacy App account and follow the basic steps. You can adjust the robot trading settings after you have created an account. . .
==> Click here to Get Instant Access Your Legacy Club & Claim Bonus $300
Professional Traders
Your Legacy App is managed by professional traders who trades every day in order to generate income for our Legacy App partners. Your Legacy App pro traders also write articles and make predictions called signals that can be found on Your Legacy App binary signal history page.
Ability to Open VIP Account
This type of account includes a full range of services and created for customers are not enough with the benefits of standard account. Broader financial capabilities as well as higher income generated are the main benefits of VIP account.
Trustful, Recommended and Regulated Brokers
Your Legacy App nourishes its relationship with their brokers and cares most about traders security. Since there is vast amount of unregulated brokers on financial market, Robot is trading only with top rated brokers that are recognized as safe and trustworthy. There are only a few regulated brokers on the market that have a licence to trade among EU countries. Your Legacy App is currently offering two regulated brokers that will bring more safety into Your Legacy App trading.
SAFE & SECURE - AUTOMATIC STOP LOSS You do not have to worry about losing Your Legacy App funds. You set Your Legacy App own limits and decide how much you want to risk and trade per day. Many auto trading software offers high rewards but empty traders accounts over night in corporation with the brokers by placing a series of losing trades.
NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED You only have to setup Your Legacy App account once and then collect Your profits. Don't waste time downloading & installing outdated software that needs regular updates. Your Legacy App handle everything on Your revolutionary auto trading systems.
Many advertise it but we actually offer it! Your Legacy App system is 100% Automated and allows you to trade while you are on the beach. When Your Legacy App account is setup you are good to go. Most "Auto" trading robots require that Your browser is open and connected to the internet. Stop the madness and trade with us!
Your Legacy is definitely the most advance auto-trading software that we have ever come across with. We have tested other similar program in the past, but this one has to be the best. Even though we tried really hard to find a con, we simply just weren’t able to find any; therefore, is the Your Legacy Software a scam? The answer is ‘no.’ Due to our Your Legacy review, we can conclude that it is not a loophole, anomaly, a glitch or a gimmick that could close at any time soon. From what we experienced, with Your Legacy Software, you can earn about $89,000 every year, starting from scratch with no big investment sum required. Go ahead and try Your Legacy and put it to the test so that you can see for yourself why it’s the best binary options signals software 2016
==> Click here To JOin Your Legacy Club First Investors . .
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Option.FM Review 2016  Binary Options Broker Review Binary Options Tutorial - binary options strategy - binary options strategy iq option tutorial FREE DOWNLOAD Robot Trading for Rise Fall Binary Option Trading System - RF V50 Slow Banc De Binary vs SEC CFTC - lawsuit and injunction - binary options regulation gone wrong Why I Chose to Trade Binary Options at 24 Option Binary Option Review 2016 - Binary Options Trading System Difference between Regulated Brokers vs Unregulated Brokers in Binary Options Trading OptionsXO - YouTube

Regulation updates FMA. This is a periodical summary of the Financial Markets Conduct Act and Financial Adviser Act class legislative notices we have granted. Regulation (Binary Options ) Wednesday, 06/07/2016 12:29 GMT+2 2016-07-06T10:29:23+00:00 2016-07-06T11:52:58+00:00. Photo: Finance Magnates. Share this article . Finance Magnates Telegram Channel; The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has become the latest regulator to embark on a crusade against binary options brokerages which are providing their services in the ... Many binary options, forex and CFD companies have operated from Israel with no regulation whatsoever, while others found a friendly regulator in the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ... 26/07/2016: Warning about CFDs, binary options and other speculative products: 25/07/2016: Q&As relating to the provision of CFDs and other speculative products to retail investors under MiFID: 02/06/2016: MiFID practices for firms selling financial instruments subject to the BRRD resolution regime: 01/06/2016 Nov. 10, 2016 The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Alert to warn investors that fraudsters may conduct investment schemes through purported online binary options trading platforms. While some binary options are listed on registered exchanges or traded on a designated contract market that are subject to oversight by U.S. regulators such as the SEC or ... We suppose that stricter regulation of binary options is a natural way of its development and is absolutely necessary for preventing unfair practices. The first step was certification of T4B Binary Platform by Financial Commission . The platform was examined according to the check- list elaborated by Commission. Among the characteristics examined by FinCom were platform security and ... Binary option would be more preferable in this situation. Example 2: ECB Minimum Bid Rate (act. 0.50%, exp. 0.50%, prev. 0.75%) Date and Time: 02/05/2013 11:45 GMT a binary option for which the lower of the two predetermined fixed amounts is at least equal to the total payment made by a retail client for the binary option; and ; a binary option that fulfils the following three conditions: i) the term from issuance to maturity is at least ninety days; ii) a prospectus drawn up and approved in accordance with the Prospectus Directive is available to the ... AllFXBrokers is the ultimate forex broker directory. Find the best Forex & Binary Options Brokers to trade with. Read Broker Reviews, Forecasts & Compare. Binary options brokers will also have disclose their methodology when calculating the strike price of the option and publicize the providers of the feeds they are using. At the expiration of the binary option a pop up message with the strike price, the bid, ask and the last price (if applicable) should be on display for the client. Any rounding will also have to be disclosed.

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Option.FM Review 2016 Binary Options Broker Review

Subscribe to my channel to get updates on forex, binary options, money making systems, trading signals, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, trading robots, stocks, investments, scanners and more updated ... Binary Option Review 2016 - Binary Options Trading System The best binary options brokers of 2016 The emergence of new trading platforms or binary options brokers has been a great, as there are ... You can receive FREE membership to Binary Lab, which includes 1) Daily Webinars 2) Trading Indicator Tools 3) Traders' Live Chat & Mastermind, when signing up for 24 Option via Binary Lab, at http ... Option.FM Review 2016 Binary Options Broker Review Binary Options Trading Review. Loading... Unsubscribe from Binary Options Trading Review? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed ... Published on Aug 26, 2016. FREE DOWNLOAD Robot Trading for Rise Fall Binary Option Trading System. Hello all binary traders!!! Introducing the new script "RF V50 Slow". This script is specially ... Banc De Binary vs SEC CFTC - lawsuit and injunction - binary options regulation gone wrong ... Get all the latest updates and developments in the civil and federal court cases against Banc De ... Binary options trading 2016 - binary option tutorial: binary option secret strategy 2016 (iq options best strategy 2016)... Iq ptofit iqprofit iqprofiteng iq option iq options iqoption iqoptions ... OptionsXO is one of the world’s leading online binary options trading brokers. OptionsXO was founded by a team of financial professionals and pioneers in the internet technology industry. The ... Binary options are essentially “bets” as to whether the value of an asset will increase or decrease in a fixed (and often very short) period of time. They are typically offered through online ...